There's room for more: Now you can allow up to 5,000 attendees in Zoho Webinar

Brand authority and trustworthiness strengthens the foundation on which you build and scale your business. It's an ongoing journey, where you nurture your prospects and customers every step of the way.

You can always rely on Zoho Webinar for this journey. With the maximum limit upgraded to 5,000 attendees, you can now share your business goals and gather pivotal insights from your target audience in one session.

Pump up your business potential with larger webinar audiences

Webinars become an important part of your business strategy when you need to establish a strong and sustainable relationship with your customers. Larger webinar audiences bring many opportunities to the table to help you:

Maximize global reach 

With Zoho Webinar's 5,000 attendee support, you can engage a global audience with ease and create brand awareness, share the latest information on your products and services, and draw in potential customers.

Automate moderation processes with ease 

As the attendee count increases, the pressure is on for the organizer and anyone else involved in the webinar process. Zoho Webinar allows an organizer to automate approval processes and emails by setting their preferences while scheduling their webinar. This helps organizers save time and focus on preparations.

Simplify promotion efforts   

It's crucial to promote your webinars on social media—where your target audience spends most of their time—and you need the right tools to gauge the extent of your efforts. With our source tracking feature, organizers can know where their audience is coming from, which in turn helps them to evaluate the campaign's success. Moreover, they can even set up a redirection to a landing page at the end of the webinar, which increases the chance of conversion.

Gather valuable insights  

You've got the audience and their voice; and that means a wealth of information. The valuable insights that you get through polls and Q&A sessions will help you understand your target audience better, so you can adjust your business strategy to meet their needs.

View and generate reports

Once your webinar is done, you can head to the Analytics tab to get a comprehensive view of all the data that was collected during the webinar. You can view registrations, analyze poll results, evaluate your engagement, and generate reports. You'll have the information you need to shape your next step and increase the success rate of your future webinars.

Wrapping up 

Leveraging webinars with larger audiences can be a game-changer for your business. From maximizing global reach to gathering vital insights, you'll have everything you need to steer your business in the right direction. A few adjustments in your business strategy and adopting new trends are all it takes to propel your business towards scalable growth.

Get ready to host and engage more attendees in your webinars without breaking a sweat. Sign up for a 14-day free trial of Zoho Webinar and witness the positive impact it can have on your business.

Interested in our 5000 attendee plan? Here's how it's priced

Our new update includes support for 5000 attendees under Standard and Professional editions which are now available at $249 and $416 per organizer per month, respectively. Check out our pricing page to learn more about our latest pricing updates. For more pricing and demo related queries, please write to us at


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