Provide the best employee experience with Zoho Connect and Vantage Circle

There's no denying the fact that employees are the most valuable assets of any organization. No matter whether you're a start-up with ten people or an already established one with a massive workforce, employees need to be engaged, satisfied, and in line with the organization's vision for the business to be successful. This is exactly where employee experience comes into the picture.

Employee experience encapsulates the workers’ experiences at a company and how the organization treats them throughout their tenure. With the unexpected pandemic and many organizations adopting remote or hybrid work came a significant shift in the work culture. Organizations are now finding it harder than ever to ensure a good employee experience.

While there are many factors that impact employee experience, rewarding and recognizing the employees’ contribution holds a special mention. Because when it comes to motivation, nothing beats genuine appreciation. A study by Harvard Business Review has found that recognizing and empowering employees can increase motivation and improve performance across the organization.

To help organizations build a happy, motivated, and productive workforce, Zoho Connect has teamed up with Vantage Circle and rolled out an integration that simplifies the process of rewards and recognitions.

Vantage Circle is a cloud-based SaaS rewards and recognition platform that enables you to recognize good work with gift vouchers and rewards. This new deep integration syncs all of the necessary employee details with Vantage Circle; it works with the existing peer-to-peer recognition module, Gamification in Connect, to reward employees for their Connect activities via vouchers and wallet credits in Vantage Circle.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from this Zoho Connect and Vantage Circle integration:

Build a culture of recognition  

Who doesn't love to be recognized for the work they do? With built-in options to award badges in both Connect and Vantage Circle, managers and employees can recognize good work, skill, and achievement with greater ease. When employees feel valued and recognized for the work they do, they'll be motivated to perform better.

Automate the process for timely rewards 

Recognition that’s received in a timely manner is more impactful than being received many weeks or months later. With this integration, human resources and department managers can automate their reward programs.

Once the integration is configured, the gamification points members earned in Connect are synced with Vantage Circle, and they can then directly redeem their points with various vouchers available in the Vantage Circle platform. Unlike most reward platforms, Vantage Circle has a wide range of reward options for employees to choose from based on their work location and requirements.

Collaborate and reward from one platform 

Collaboration is as important as recognition. With this integration, you can access Vantage Circle's functionalities from within Zoho Connect without compromising productivity.

Build a happy workforce  

When employees are rewarded in a timely manner for their achievements in a public forum, it indirectly improves the overall team morale. This helps organizations build a positive and happy workforce and provide a great employee experience without extensive measures.

Ensuring a good employee experience is a slow yet continual process and does not happen overnight. With the Vantage Circle integration for Zoho Connect, we hope you'll be able to level up employee recognition and satisfaction in your organization. To learn more about this integration, refer to our help documentation. 

We’re excited to get the word out about this new Zoho Connect and Vantage Circle integration. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or send us a message at Ask us a question or just say hi—we’d love to hear from you.


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