The Workplace disconnect: Why the shutdown of Workplace from Meta can level up your organization

On May 15, 2024, tech company Meta announced that they will be discontinuing their business communication platform, Workplace. Customers will still have access to the platform until May 2026, after which their accounts will be terminated and the platform is disabled.

Although the memo Meta customers received mentioned WorkVivo by Zoom as a preferred migration partner, we encourage organizations to reassess their internal strategies and carefully select a secure and private platform that works the way they need it to.

 Why should your organization use an employee experience (EX) platform? 

With the workforce being distributed geographically between in-office and remote workers, it’s important to align all of your employees and help them feel a sense of belonging. Email and chat alone don’t cut it when you need to build a thriving work culture.

Organizations need platforms that allow for a free flow of ideas and spaces for the leadership and employees to interact. A virtual headquarters where employees can log in to and access their schedules, read company news, and access company policies—and it needs to communicate with everyone else.

Not being connected in a world that's become increasingly digital isn’t sustainable for modern organizations. Studies have shown that good employee experience (EX) drives revenue, and the best way to improve EX is by moving to a platform purposefully designed for this.

Going beyond: Zoho Connect, a unified EX and internal communications platform  

With Zoho Connect, you get a comprehensive platform that helps your organization at every stage. From driving important conversations to working across teams and departments, and from ensuring employee engagement to automating mundane work, Connect improves the employee experience, boosts productivity, and aligns everyone towards a common goal.

How can you benefit from Zoho Connect? 

Strong internal communications 

Whether it's company announcements or mandatory communications, Zoho Connect has a dedicated space for each, so you can organize all of your internal communications without losing any context.

More engaged employees 

Encourage employees to celebrate each other's contributions through built-in peer-to-peer recognition. Host AMAs or Q&A sessions through Town Halls or live broadcasts. Give all employees the space to share ideas. Conduct surveys to create positive feedback loops with employees. Measure and analyze engagement levels through sentiment analysis and insights.

Improved company-wide collaboration 

Plan, prioritize, and work together with Kanban-themed task boards. Promote working cross-functionally by creating collaborative spaces. Our groups come with built-in apps and third-party integrations, and you can add people outside of your organization as external users, so everyone and everything you need is in one neat space.

More accessible resources 

Leverage a fully customizable company dashboard to bring important resources together and create a robust information architecture for everyone. Tap into collective expertise by creating a knowledge library or file repository within teams or for the entire organization.

Digitized processes 

Use our no-code builder to create forms based on your internal needs. For example, you could have a simple form-based app where employees can put in a request for new software or equipment to help them work, and you can deliver what they need faster. Automate mundane work by creating workflows.

A platform that's yours 

Let your brand speak throughout the platform. Customize the look and feel of your domain and get white-labelled mobile apps so your employees can feel familiar instantly.

Private and secure 

At Zoho, we‘re committed to keeping your data safe. Our policies are designed to ensure that you always own your data. We have a proven track record for protecting it.

What’s the next step in making the switch from Meta’s Workplace to Zoho Connect? 

It's simple. We have a simple migration process. Your data will be carefully moved into Connect, and our team of experts will help you set up the platform according to your needs. Reach out to us at for a free consult.

If you would like to learn more, visit this link.


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