E-sign business documents from over a dozen Zoho apps with Zoho Sign

At Zoho, we're building one of the most comprehensive and tightly integrated suites of business apps. We currently offer 45+ apps in all major business categories, including finance, human resources, sales, marketing, customer support, and back-office operations.

Zoho Sign - Integrations

Zoho Sign, our digital signature app, was launched in July 2017 to help businesses securely sign, send, and manage legally-binding business documents from anywhere. To date, Zoho Sign has helped over thousands of businesses across the globe completely transform how they sign their business documents. With digital signatures, users are now able to sign documents electronically, saying goodbye to manual paperwork, expediting turnaround time, reducing risks, and improving governance.  

Staying true to our company's vision of building the most tightly-integrated suite of business apps, Zoho Sign now readily integrates over a dozen Zoho apps. Let's take a quick look at our popular Zoho integrations.

  • Zoho CRM: When a new lead gets added to your Zoho CRM account, you need to sign and collect signatures from customers on different documents including sales quotes, purchase agreements, purchase orders, invoices, and more. Our Zoho Sign extension for Zoho CRM can help you automate this whole process effectively. Learn more.

  • Zoho HRMS (Recruit and People): When recruiting new employees and managing them, you need to sign and collect signatures from employees on documents including offer letters, hiring agreements, social media policy agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and more. With the Zoho Sign extension for Zoho Recruit and Zoho People, you can get rid of physical paperwork, onboard new hires quicker, and manage them easier than ever before. Learn more.

  • Zoho Mail: So many times we receive important business documents directly to our inbox as attachments. How about signing them directly from there? Yes, you read that right—you can now e-sign important documents right from your Zoho Mail inbox. Learn more.

  • Zoho Writer: Most of us use word processing software to draft business documents for collaboration with team members. With Zoho Sign's built-in automation inside Zoho Writer, you can even sign documents, collect signatures from others, and automate e-sign workflows all within Zoho Writer's interface itself. Learn more.

  • Zoho Finance apps (Books/Invoice/Inventory): Signing your invoices and estimates is an important part of your business. You can now digitally sign and manage them with the Zoho Sign integration for Zoho Finance apps. Learn more.

  • Zoho Forms: Most companies use online forms to collect data from customers and employees. It's hard for them to transfer this data manually and prepare business documents, collect signatures, and create automated workflows. This can be now streamlined with Zoho Sign integration with Zoho Forms. Learn more.

  • Zoho Flow: Today, we work with a bunch of apps and would like to automate business workflows without any coding. You can now create automated digital signature workflows with 45+ Zoho apps and 350+ external apps like Hubspot, PipeDrive, ServiceNow, Zendesk, Stripe, Paypal, and many more.

  • Orchestly: Our integration with Orchestly helps you automate digital signature collection within your organization workflows without any code. Learn more.

  • Zoho Creator (Deluge): If you are someone already familiar with our scripting language, you can also automate your signing tasks in a few steps. Learn more.

The above is not an exhaustive list of Zoho Sign's integration with other Zoho apps. Visit our integrations page to see a full list of integrations that Zoho Sign offers with third-party apps and Zoho apps. There's even an exhaustive REST API library for custom integration with in-house apps.

So why wait? It's 2020 and time to go paperless with electronic signatures. Try our 14-day free trial and explore various e-signature features that you can try in your workplace.

Have any questions or feedback about Zoho Sign? Write to support@zohosign.com or share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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