Zoho Sign partners with E-CSPs in Kenya to accelerate digital transformation

Zoho Sign for Kenyan businesses

Hello, Kenyan businesses!

It's time to say goodbye to signing documents with pen and paper by adopting a secure, swift, and globally compliant and recognised digital signature solution. Zoho Sign has partnered with licensed Electronic Certification Service Providers (E-CSPs) that are accredited by the Communications Authority of Kenya to offer local legal validity, thereby enabling our Kenyan users to digitally execute their contracts and agreements with confidence. This development will also encourage government agencies, businesses, and individuals across Kenya to adopt digital signatures and transactions.  

Why go digital?

Businesses and government services in Kenya are undergoing tremendous digital growth. The Government of Kenya has launched a ten-year Digital Master Plan from 2022 to 2032, which includes plans for new digital initiatives such as digital identity proofs, a national public key infrastructure (PKI) for digital signatures, and digital literacy programmes. It's time for businesses to start transitioning to digital platforms for increased global presence and efficient growth.

Digital signatures are a vital part of this digital transformation. A comprehensive digital signature platform must not only be secure and legally compliant, but seamlessly automate and accelerate signature workflows with accuracy and efficiency. 

Zoho Sign is a digital signature tool that Kenyan businesses can use to sign, send, and manage legally binding documents. Plus, emerging digital businesses can access Zoho Sign's free onboarding and migration assistance as they get started, along with technical support. 

Key benefits of using Zoho Sign:

  • Legally-valid and compliant digital signatures with both Kenyan and global laws.
  • Readily integrates with 100+ popular apps like Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Recruit, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Zapier, and many more.
  • Unlimited signatures, templates, and storage.
  • Blockchain-based timestamping, generative AI capabilities, and controls for life sciences.
  • Free migration and onboarding assistance.

How digital signatures work

Digital signatures use public key infrastructure (PKI) to ensure that your signing process is protected from tampering, phishing, and other mishandling risks. Documents made using Zoho Sign are secured with AES-256 encryption at rest and follow the TSL/SSL protocol in transit. 

Zoho Sign further complies with strict international data security and privacy guidelines such as GDPR, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, EU GMP Annex 11, SOC 2 Type II, and more. You can also enforce recipient authentication and signer identity verification with government-issued ID proofs while signing with Zoho Sign.

Are digital signatures signed with Zoho Sign legally valid in Kenya?

Digital signatures are legally valid in Kenya under the Kenya Information and Communications Act, No. 2 of 1998 (KICA). Zoho Sign is legal in Kenya and complies with various international digital signature laws. 

Zoho Sign has also partnered with licensed Electronic Certification Service Providers (E-CSPs) in Kenya, like Tendaworld, to provide compliant digital signatures for Kenyan businesses. 

Start signing with Zoho Sign today to experience secure and swift signing workflows. Need help? Here's our help guide.

Have any queries or feedback? Reach out to us at support@zohosign.com (non-EU) and support@eu.zohosign.com (EU), or connect with us through the comments section below.

Happy Zoho Signing!


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