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Zoho Writer integration with Zoho Sign

Zoho Writer is a powerful word processor used for editing, collaboration, and distribution. By integrating Writer with Zoho Sign you can draft business contracts, NDA's, sales agreement, lease agreement, etc., and send it out for signatures directly from within the Writer app. 

This section is divided into two parts:

  1. Pre-requisites for using Zoho Sign from Zoho Writer
  2. How to get documents signed from Writer?
  3. Automated signing workflows
  4. View signer status
  5. Leveraging the text tags

Pre-requisites for using Zoho Sign from Zoho Writer

You need to have already registered your Zoho account with Zoho Sign.

For automation options such as generating a merge document and sending it for signature from Writer, an automation credit or Zoho Sign credits will be consumed for each document depending on your Zoho Sign subscription plan. Automation credits, proportionate to the number of licensed users, are provided to organizations on a monthly basis in the Enterprise plan. If your organization runs out of automation credits, then each such subsequent document will consume Zoho Sign credits which need to be purchased as add-ons.

How to get documents signed from Writer?

  • Login to the Writer application.
  • Create or upload a document which you would like to send for signatures.
  • Once you finish drafting the document, click the Automate option from the left pane.
  • Click the Upload to sign services drop-down and choose Zoho Sign
  • In the dialog box that opens up, click Upload
  • Once the document is successfully uploaded, click Next if you want to sign the document right away. 
  • Upon clicking Next, the Zoho Sign application opens up in a new window with the document already uploaded. 
  • Enter the details of the document and the recipient and click Continue
    Send for signatures page
  • Drag and drop signature and other form fields onto the document for each signer and click Send
    Document viewer
  • Verify the number of fields added for each recipient and click Confirm.
  • Upon clicking confirm, your document is sent out to the recipients for signature.  

Automated signing workflows:

  • Once you finish drafting the document, open the left pane and click the Automate option.
  • Click the Start new sign workflow option
  • Upon clicking, the Sign Workflow section opens up in the left pane. Add the required number of signers using the Add Signer option.
  • Add the fields for each signer by selecting the respective signer from the Signers List. To insert a field for the selected signer, place the cursor in the desired position within the document and choose the required field under Insert Field for Signer.
  • An equivalent text tag will be added to the document wherever a field is inserted, which will be automatically mapped to the corresponding form field when the document is sent for signing.
  • Once the fields for each signer have been inserted, click the Setup Sign Workflow option.
  • In the dialog box that opens, enter the signer details, email title, subject and message under the Signer Details tab. You can also enforce a signing order to send the document to the signers in the order specified. Additional attachments can also be added to be sent along with the document.
  • In the same dialog box, set the document expiry duration, reminder frequency and storage or sharing action to be performed on the signed document under the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Upon setting up the sign workflow, click Send for Sign to send the document out for signatures.

View signer status:

  • Open the document that has been sent for signatures.
  • Open the left pane and click the Automate option. 
  • Click the Start New Sign Workflow option.
  • Click the View Signer Status option.
  • Upon clicking, the Sign Collection Jobs dialog box opens showing the progress of the signature collection activity for each signer. If the signature collection is complete, you can download the signed document by clicking Download Signed Document.

Leveraging the text tags:

You can add text tags in the content of your documents, Zoho Sign can detect them and automatically add the corresponding fields when they are uploaded for the signing process. This will help you save time to locate fields in long documents.

Text tags are supported for these fields: Signature, company, email, text fields, job title, initial, date, checkbox, and full name. 

{{signature}} A signature field added to the first recipient
{{company:recipient2}}A company field added to the second recipient
{{textfield:recipient3:address}}A text field added to the third recipient with the field name address
{{textfield:recipient1*}}A mandatory text field added to the first recipient
{{Jobtitle}}A job title added to the first recipient
{{Initial}}An initial field added to the first recipient
{{Signdate}}A date field added to the first recipient
{{Checkbox}}A checkbox field added to the first recipient
{{Fullname}}A full name field added to the first recipient


Format: {{<field type>:recipient<n>:<field name in case of text field>*}}

You can refer to this section of our help documentation to learn more about how to use text tags.


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