Introducing granular access controls in Zoho Sign with roles, profiles, and user groups

Introducing granular access controls in Zoho Sign with roles, profiles, and user groups!

A digital signature solution like Zoho Sign handles business-critical information and documents where role-based access and granular controls are essential. Each company operates differently in terms of team structure and management style, and we at Zoho Sign review all user feedback to evaluate and address various use cases. With new access controls, we're introducing a more efficient, customizable way to manage document access. 

Restricted controls that are adaptive and dynamic

Zoho Sign's new Users and Control system is robust and customizable. It allows you to maintain confidentiality in your workplace while simplifying the overall digital signing process. 

Administrators can now streamline and assign responsibilities individually, thereby reducing any room for error. This offers distinct, granular control to each user, which results in increased productivity and precision when it comes to managing and sharing business data.  

What to know about Users and Control 

With this system, administrators can:

1. Manage users' roles and profiles, access permissions, invite new users, delete users, and change ownership of users. 

2. Create, manage, and customize roles to control what data users can see to maintain confidentiality and streamline document workflows.

3. Create and manage user groups by grouping users of various roles and customizing data visibility for those groups.

4. Create and assign custom permission profiles to users. These profiles determine the actions that users can perform in document and template management.

How does this help my business?

Roles, user groups, and profiles facilitate usability and increase overall operational efficiency while protecting your business from potential privacy and security threats. 

With these controls, you can easily fine-tune your document workflows. This adds an additional layer of security to the whole process, increases accountability, enhances security, and accelerates the approval process, which inherently reduces employee friction and boosts productivity. As a result, you're able to build more meaningful customer relationships and further minimize the time spent on manual signing.

Let's say a legal document requires approval and signatures from multiple stakeholders. You can use these new access controls to set a predefined workflow, which ensures confidentiality and provides an audit trail that can be reviewed and corrected if there are any discrepancies. Each participant in the workflow is assigned a role with specific permissions, streamlining the entire process and ensuring that the document moves through the necessary stages without delay. 

How do I get started? 

This feature is available in all paid plans. Here's the detailed help documentation for those looking to better understand Users and Control.

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us. You can write to or share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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