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This is a critical and unprecedented time for communities, businesses, and the wider economy of the world. The world has faced similar tough times in the past and conquered over it with the power of generosity and collaboration. As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerates worldwide, millions of people, including us and you, are staying at home to minimize the transmission of this disease.

The challenges faced by the world and businesses today can only be solved with trust and communication. Redoubling our efforts to tackle this challenge, Zoho SalesIQ wants to support you as much as possible! With online communication now taking the lead, we will do our best to help you stay connected with your customers, no matter where you may be working.

Zoho's bot assistant to help you handle the crisis

Crisis and Communication

During a crisis, it’s tough to gauge where exactly all the members of your affected audiences (which might include your customers) will look for information.

Your business might experience massive demand over live chats, calls, emails, and social media messages. From e-commerce to hospitality, healthcare to insurance, extraordinary events are more likely to hit any business type and in such an eventuality every consumer expects to get an immediate response to their query. And an effective response requires companies to deploy operational agility in delivering quick customer engagement and support. You can set up live chat on your website and mobile app at no cost with SalesIQ's free live chat software.

These uncertain times place a strain on your employees and your businesses’ ability to engage and support your customers, but the way forward is still arduous. However, offering your customers the help they need both told and untold, and ensuring it is quick and personalized to their needs, and being relentlessly helpful, can earn you customers for life.

Incorporating a chatbot into your business website could be the simplest way to address this. In times like these, customer-facing teams all over the world have been operating at more than maximum capacity for many months now. But these agents, unlike software tools cannot be urgently developed or run at 100% uptime for long periods. It is vital that business owners see their employees not simply as pawns to be deployed, but as human individuals and their most valuable-resources.

Deploying a chatbot to offload some of your agents’ work could just be the first step!

The show must go on…

It’s time to put on display, the incredible ability of organizations to be agile, think up innovative solutions, and implement them in near real-time to protect employees, assist customers, ensure business continuity and potentially position to thrive in the future.

So how can chatbots really empower your business during a crisis like the COVID-19?

  • 24/7 Availability: At a time when social distancing has become a norm, chatbots allow your businesses to put an amiable face on the front lines 24/7 in order to answer basic questions quickly and probably perform simple transactions for customers.

  • Negligible to no hold time: Bots dramatically cut response times. There are infinite customer requests that need your agent’s attention every day and that could be overwhelming. Chatbots can come handy in automating most of these routine tasks. That way your agents will be better able to focus on areas where their expertise is most required.

  • Seamless hand-off to a human agent: Chatbots can flag urgent requests that require human assistance. Bots won’t always be able to handle every issue, so you can program your chatbots to escalate more complex interactions to human agents for resolution (something like: “do you need to speak to someone about this issue?”), while also providing agents with full contextual data about the history of interaction.

Having chatbots in place, a multi-platform solution that’s accessible on both your desktop and mobile, which can fit into your business website, social media pages or even your dedicated FAQ-lookup can work wonders. Ideally, a system that can funnel your visitor traffic, pop-up on every page of your business website and prompt visitors to ask questions.

Check out Zobot by Zoho SalesIQ, our enterprise-ready bot-building platform to set up your virtual assistants today!


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