Organize your work better with skip weekends and holidays

Customer feedback is the most essential and valuable for any business. And the most challenging part is how to keep customers happy? What is that significant functionality they really miss or need from your product?

The best way is to ask and listen to customer feedback.

But it doesn’t stop there you need to review all those feedback as it directly influences what changes you are going to bring about for the next update. On this front, we too were getting bombarded with lots of such requests that gave us valuable insights about what needs to be done in Zoho Projects.

See what some of our customers had to say


We took these requests to heart and today glad to launch the much awaited and most sought-after Skip Weekends, Holidays and Business Hours for your tasks. This is going to be a big one as it helps you to better organize your work and you’ll love it.

We’ve spent a lot of time on those little details that make using these features a real pleasure. So how do you get started? Here you go.

Starting today, you can find a set of options to configure your holidays, weekends and business hours under Date Format & Business Hours settings. Select your preferred business hours, holidays and weekends the way you work.

Let us take a look at the important changes this update brings for you.

  • Customize your holidays – Keep your work better organized and get it done quicker during workdays so that you can plan your holidays with ease.
  • Organize your work even better  – Configure your exact company working hours say like 8 or 10 and organize your workday even better with the new Business Hours and this now even reflected in your project and task templates.
  • Enhanced recurrence and reminders for tasks – Allows you to automatically set the reminder of a task to previous business day if it happens to fall on a weekend.
  • Capture exact working days in calendarPeep into your calendar and you’ll spot the holidays and weekends been captured along with your exact working days.
  • Gain more visibility with reports – Resource utilization chart undergoes a sea change to show the working trends like the hours you were over utilized, optimally utilized and under utilized for a day.


Finally, an interesting option for your tasks. With this update, you can sort tasks based on dates, priority, percentage completed and task title.

What editions are these features available?
Business Hours feature is available for all Premium and Enterprise paying customers. While Skip Weekends is available only for Enterprise customers. For more details see our Plans and Pricing

We think you’re really going to enjoy exploring them once you start using it each day. And remember, every time you send a feedback; you’re triggering us to work towards making your experience the best with Zoho Projects.

We’re all ears… 🙂


15 Replies to Organize your work better with skip weekends and holidays

  1. Listen to your customers guys......else how ever good your product is, your are setting yourself to loose in a long run. Products like Asana are new and catching up ....!

  2. You say you're "all ears", but limiting skip weekends to enterprise level customers suggests maybe that you are all pockets! The lack of this ability renders the task duration system useless for all versions less than enterprise. Bad choice!

  3. So you have to pay double for a feature that's, you know, just a tad more important yet stupidly more basic than being able to define business hours. That is stupid. You're launching a feature that was supposed to be included from day one and charging your top price for that. Great way to force users. "Hey, you can get your phone for free at my carrier for a $20/month plan. And for $80/month, we can unlock it to make voice calls. Don't want it? You can still send messages..."

  4. Wow, unbelievable Zoho. Glad I found these comments before subscribing. I think Jeremy Knight said it best: ‘these guys should be avoided – the product is full of hidden problems not obvious before you sign up” — DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED! And not just disappointed, but appalled. I'm definitely avoiding ALL Zoho products. (Thanks for the mention of 10,000ft. Checking it out now.)

  5. As far as paying for skip weekends goes, I understand that your developers probably worked hard to add this functionality but it is really unusual to not be able to exclude weekends from a project plan. This is functionality I would expect in the core initial launch of the software but obviously that's not my decision. Instead of just complaining, I offer a compromise. Simply being able to skip weekends in the project planning (start/end dates and duration of tasks) should be a basic feature for all paying customers, but the customization of holidays and work hours could be broken out for the higher tier customers. I think you'll see that this solution not only makes all of the people who commented before me happy, but it will actually be a simpler solution for your developers to build and maintain.

  6. Zoho, your showing your colors to all your once loyal customers, not only do you have to upgrade $10 in order to have this feature, but pay another $50 for it work efficiently (Skip Weekends)... Wow, extremely disappointed in Zoho for this, lost/losing interest in using their project management system in general and looking for other options (like that are better and cheaper... ZOHO you played yourself with this one... smdh

  7. Really? I just assumed Skip Weekends & Holidays was part of the core functionality of Zoho Project. I'm a satisfied user of other Zoho products (Creator, Invoice) and had been evaulating Zoho Project for my company. Now that I know these features won't come with the subscriber level appropriate for our company, I won't be recommending Zoho.

  8. Skip Weekends & Holiday Configuration are available in "Enterprise Plan" - This is a deeply cynical ploy to get people to upgrade for what should absolutely be a core component of the service - you are turning what would otherwise be a recommendation to others that this is a great product into 'these guys should be avoided - the product is full of hidden problems not obvious before you sign up" --- DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED!

  9. "Skip Weekends" is only available for Enterprise Customers! What kind of nonsense is that? I agree with Gary, it's a basic Project Management tool function. I'm surprised it wasn't already included (we didn't notice when we signed up for Premium) and, now that you've rolled it out, I'm surprised and annoyed that it has limited availability.

  10. How can the feature only be available to Enterprise customers? This is a basic Project Management function that I'm surprised is only available now. When reporting to management, I have to explain why I bought into software that states a task will take 8 days instead of 6 days. This is a basic PM function and should be available to all plans. Disappointing.

  11. It would be great if these features were available for all paying customers, not just Enterprise for weekend/holiday skipping!

  12. Glad to see this integrated! Great work guys. However, "Skip Weekends is available only for Enterprise customers"? Seems a bit silly - the ability to control your work schedule (exclude weekends, etc.) on the calendar is the kind of feature that should be available to all users - at the very least Premium users who are paying a good amount of money. This is a fundamental calendar feature that all users need access to.

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