Present your story in style: Announcing 1000 attendee support for Zoho Webinar!

While hosting a webinar may offer numerous advantages, it also has its own challenges. Regardless of how good your story is, it needs to be tailored based on your target audience. At times, you may even be in a position to present to a larger group. You’ll also need to be ready to handle potential technical snags along the way.

Sound troublesome? Not anymore! You can now present to 1000 attendees using Zoho Webinar.

1000 Attendees - Zoho Meeting

From presenting to a larger group of attendees to keeping everyone engaged, here are some of the challenges faced while conducting a webinar and tips on how to tackle them:

Technical difficulties

Hosting 1000 attendees is exciting, but you might face some technical difficulties like internet connectivity issues, software compatibility, audio and video issues, and so on.

Network performance - Zoho Meeting


Try to plan your webinar ahead and maintain an environment suitable for hosting a webinar without background noise. It is always advisable to do a trial run with your staff to predict and rectify some of the possible difficulties you would face during the live webinar.

 Scheduling hassles

No matter how well you present your story, it won’t be helpful if there’s no one available to hear the story. Half of your success depends on when you schedule your webinar and how well you promote it.

Schedule a webinar - Zoho Meeting


Understanding your audience is the key to scheduling a successful webinar. Schedule and promote your webinar based on your target audience’s location, webinar topic, and the number of hosts. You should also promote your webinar at the right time so that it doesn’t either feel too late or too early to register for your webinar. Email campaigns play a key role in inviting an audience to attend a webinar on your product’s updates while you can bet on social media campaigns for generic webinars. Make sure you embed your webinar registration links on your landing pages while promoting, so you generate more leads organically.

Keeping your audience engaged

Many webinar hosts find it difficult to keep their attendees engrossed in their presentations. Without proper engagement, viewers can lose focus in a matter of minutes.


The way you structure your presentation matters when it comes to engaging your attendees. Try to incorporate interactive conversations in your presentations using Q&A tools. Add Polls to get to know your audience better and share your screen online to help hold your attendees’ attention. You can also make your webinars more fun by breaking the ice with an informal chat or by making a few jokes based on your organizational and personal prospects. Also, ensure that you have an active web-cam video feed displayed to your audience to enhance your real-time collaborative experience.

Interested in our 1000 attendee plan? Here’s how it’s priced

Our new update includes support for 500 and 1000 attendees under Webinar 500 and Webinar 1000 editions which are now available at $125 and $200 per organizer per month, respectively. Check out our pricing page to learn more about our latest pricing updates. For more pricing and demo related queries, please write to us at

 Are you looking for ways to broadcast your live webinar online?

We’ve more exciting news in store! Watch this space for upcoming product updates.


6 Replies to Present your story in style: Announcing 1000 attendee support for Zoho Webinar!

    1. Hi Barry, Webinar 500 & 1000 attendee plan doesn't come under Zoho One license. Zoho One team is working on supporting these plans as an add-on. In case of any queries, please write to us at Stay well, -Srini.

  1. Good tidings, Generally I never remark on online journals yet your article is persuading to the point that I never stop myself to say something regarding it. You're working effectively, Keep it up. You can look at this article, may be of help :)

  2. I would like to know more about it. Trial is for how many days and for how large audience we can run trial ? Will all the attendes have to install something special to join webinar ,if they are attending Zoho webinar first time ?

    1. Hi Shilpra, We offer a 14-day free trial for Zoho Meeting. In addition, Zoho Meeting is entirely cloud-based; your attendees need not download any additional software for attending the webinar. Our support team will contact you to help you set up your first trial webinar using Zoho Meeting. -Stay well, Srini.

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