ProTips: 5 ways to leverage conversation intelligence to close more deals

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Conversation intelligence can help you derive data-driven insights from your conversations with leads and customers. These insights can be used by your sales,  marketing, and customer experience teams to improve customer experience, increase conversions, and ultimately drive more sales. Here are 5 actionable tips on how you can leverage Rafiki, a conversation intelligence solution, in tandem with Zoho CRM to get key insights.

ProTip 1: Unify your sales pitch across your team

It's a definite put-off when the same prospect is bombarded with different value propositions throughout the lead lifecycle. Different reps pulling the prospect in different value directions risk deals falling off like dominoes. But standardized pitches across your team will give you better control over the lead lifecycle, and enable you to get quick, predictable wins, and achieve your sales targets.

Benefit: With the Rafiki-Zoho CRM integration, you can extract deal-winning insights from all your sales conversations, including topics discussed, call duration, topic tracks for meetings, and meeting notes. These insights can be synced between Rafiki and Zoho CRM and can be used to build a uniform sales pitch that you know will maximize profits and simplify your ROI tracking.

ProTip 2: Stay updated on your ecosystem and the competitor landscape

It's crucial to understand the ecosystem you're selling into. Is it large and diversified? Does your market just consist of a few big players? What’s drawing your prospects towards them? You have to know all of this in order to make good decisions around pricing, positioning, and promotion. What your prospects tell you during your sales call can give you valuable insight into which value proposition is bringing in the most deals.

Benefit: Rafiki’s custom triggers feature lets you add any key phrases relevant to your business, and map them to appropriate topics. Every time a prospect or rep mentions those words, Rafiki automatically recognizes the phrase and uses it for generating insights surrounding the phrase. So you can see exactly where the market and your competitors are heading and preemptively counter their value proposition to win yourself more deals.

ProTip 3: Align the strengths of your reps to appropriate customer interests

The effectiveness of a good sales pitch is strongly correlated to how confident a sales representative is with their pitch. When the alignment of customer interests and representative strengths is integrated into the sales process itself, you already have a solid, scalable framework to build good sales pitches on.

Benefit: Rafiki pulls in the deal stage from Zoho CRM along with all its meetings, and helps you identify rep strengths by comparing their topic duration tracks across different deal stages and analyzing conversation metrics such as the talk-listen ratio, question rate, interactivity, and much more. Since you already know rep strengths from Rafiki and customer interests from both Zoho CRM and Rafiki’s customer insights, you can equip your team with the best ammunition to close deals.

ProTip 4: Quickly review all your sales conversations

Reviewing recordings of your sales calls allows you to more effectively coach yourself and identify what works and what doesn’t. The reviews will help you overcome hurdles, and course-correct, if necessary, to ensure that you don’t let sales slip through your fingers or gather dust on the shelf.

Benefit: Rafiki integrates with your calendars, such as Google Calendar, web conferencing applications, such as Zoom, and dialers, such as Aircall, Outreach, and many more. Rafiki understands when there’s going to be a meeting and starts recording, transcribing, and analyzing the sales conversations any of your team members are having automatically, without intervention. The integration gives you in-depth insights that you can later review by deal stage, rep, deal size, account, meeting topic tracks, meeting notes, conversation metrics, and much more, in minutes.

ProTip 5: Coach your team with relevant, actionable insights drawn from your own meetings

It’s easy to get lost in finding efficient ways to coach your team. There's so much content available on the internet that you could use for coaching your team, but the question is whether it's tailored to suit your specific requirements. A customized approach based on insights drawn from your own team’s sales conversations offers a ground-reality perspective like none other. You can focus on growth from the inside out, rather than reacting to market changes. 

Benefit: With the Rafiki-Zoho CRM integration, you can slice and dice the conversation metrics, meeting topic tracks, team performance at every deal stage, and topic discussion patterns of team members across different time frames. You can find what your best reps do differently, coach your weaker reps, and emulate the success pattern across your whole team—no more relying on random workshops for improvements.

Start leveraging relevant data insights from your own sales conversations to build a champion sales team now!

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