Integromat,, and Workato– Zoho Mail integrates with more iPaaS platforms

You can't afford to waste time dealing with disjointed business tools. Repetitive manual tasks for transferring data between apps can eat up a lot of time and may cause errors. The best business ecosystem is the one where your different apps are tightly integrated and work together out of the box. That's exactly what Zoho One aims to do, with our integrated suite of apps to manage all areas of your business.

However, you may still prefer to work with independent apps and may have difficulty passing data between them, or automating workflows intelligently. Our in-house app Zoho Flow helps you tie these apps together and bridge the gap. We also rolled out our integration with Zapier and for the same. We've since added some new Zoho Mail integrations that let you choose your preferred iPaaS(Integration Platform as a Service) platform—Integromat,, and Workato.

Zoho Mail integrates with iPaas platformsConnect apps and turn manual tasks into automated workflows

IPaaS platforms like Integromat,, and Workato help lighten your manual workload without having to worry about code, by following the trigger-action model. You can connect one or more apps with Zoho Mail, and define triggers in each app for performing actions in another.

You can use pre-built templates and customize them to your needs, or build your own and publish them. You can either keep it simple or create complex flows by using logic conditions to take automated actions, and avoid duplicate data.

Here are a few examples to help you get the idea:

Prompt notification emails and automated subscriptions with Integromat scenarios

When your customers or potential leads subscribe to your newsletters through support mail replies, you can convert them directly into subscribers in Mailchimp. Integromat's pre-built integration does the job for you by watching emails that appear in a specified folder.

If you use Google Forms for your internal responses or client requests, you can get emails with details instantly, every time a form is filled and submitted, by connecting Google Forms with Zoho Mail.

Read more on adding apps and creating scenarios here.

Create new leads and accept subscription changes with blends

Every lead is a potential customer waiting to be converted. Don't lose any by making manual entries. Convert contact information from emails into leads in Marketo by creating a data blend between the two.

While reaching as many leads as possible is important, it is also important to accept people's choice to opt out. Blend Zoho Mail and Adroll to watch mail content and detect unsubscribers.

Learn more on adding data sources and creating data blends here.

Use Workato recipes to post messages and get email updates based on keywords

Some emails demand immediate attention. Even more so if it is from your big client and has words like “immediately” and “ASAP”. Connect Zoho Mail with Slack using Workato to push messages to your work channel every time you receive an email from an important contact with particular content.

Your Feedly can be your go-to place for articles, news, and videos. But some items may interest you more than others. So, cook up a Workato recipe to receive email updates whenever an article with a specific tag appears.

Learn more about how you can get started here.

These apps open up literally hundreds of opportunities for you to automate and manage your workflows. Make everyday business tasks quicker and easier. Try them out now, and tell us what you think!

Get the complete Zoho advantage: you can now use Zoho Mail along with the broad suite of products that Zoho offers by signing up for Zoho Workplace or Zoho One.


7 Replies to Integromat,, and Workato– Zoho Mail integrates with more iPaaS platforms

  1. Hello, Is there any way, if I get any new mail, notification should come on the desktop instead of daily opening email and checking whether I have new mails or not?

    1. The best way to have chat conversations with your work mates is to use Zoho Cliq, Aurélio. :) It is already tightly integrated with Mail, and helps in communicating intelligently.

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