Zoho Campaigns' all-round solution for ecommerce email marketing 

Effective and prompt communication has become one of the cornerstones of the ecommerce industry. Your communication should be tailored to the needs of each customer, and that starts with having a strong grip on your web store.  

Email marketing, by its very essence, can offer that balance. That’s why Zoho Campaigns offers a solution that allows you to run your email marketing in tandem with your store.

Connect your BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, and Zoho Commerce account with Zoho Campaigns and sell more with timely, data-driven, and behavior-targeted emails.

Why did we build this? 

In a sector as diverse and fast-paced as ecommerce, a simple reminder can be the difference between a lead converting or dropping out. Your users interact with you at various stages of their lifecycle, and it’s imperative to offer them the right information at the right time. It’s also crucial to engage your buyers swiftly based on their purchase history to drive more sales.

To achieve these goals, your messaging has to be completely in sync with what’s happening in your store. But this is only possible when your communication platform tightly integrates with your online store.

 Zoho Campaigns’ ecommerce solution meets this challenge. You can emulate your store, tailor your email communication, track your ROI, and do a lot more.

What do you get from this release? 

Automated communication 

Automate your email marketing completely using drag-and-drop workflows and send actionable and well-timed messages to your audience. Whether sending follow-up emails to users who abandoned their carts at checkout or to those who purchased products, you can autopilot any form of communication. Coming in with a trigger and action system, these workflows let you visualize and build engagement models specific to your business needs. Either choose one of the predesigned templates or build one on your own from scratch using the drag-and-drop workflow builder.

Personalized and targeted engagement 

Your customers’ purchase data is worth its weight in gold when it comes to engaging them with personalized and targeted email campaigns and generating repeat sales. However, that data has to be at your fingertips if you want faster and superior targeting.

Zoho Campaigns gives you quick access to your buyers’ behavior data. Create segments based on the buying behavior of your audience and let Campaigns automatically pull in data from your store.

The following are some of the predefined segment fields that Campaigns offers:  

  • Total number of orders
  • Items purchased
  • Items not purchased
  • Average amount spent
  • Amount spent per order
  • Total amount spent
  • Date of the last order

Content sync 

Delight your audience by going the extra mile without any hassles. Attach store-generated coupons to your newsletters using the drag-and-drop component and do promotions on the fly. You can also include product images and pique your recipients’ interest.

Polls and survey 

Get to know what customers think about your business by adding polls in your emails. For example, you can automate an after-purchase email poll to your recipients and garner feedback. Even better, integrate Campaigns with platforms like Zoho Survey, SurveyMonkey, and more to seamlessly engage your audience with online surveys.

Store tracking and reports 

Stay on top of your store’s overall performance with store-specific and marketing-specific reports. From tracking your store’s engagement and revenue to knowing how much each email has monetized, get detailed real-time reports of vital aspects and make smart decisions.

So, give our email marketing solution for ecommerce a try and let us know what you think. We’d love if you’d share your feedback with us.


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