Integration with Overview is a third-party integration platform. You can create integrations with the low-code visual builder of and embed it in Zoho Mail. 

Getting started with Zoho Mail in

If you are a user, you can create a blend to suit your requirements with respect to Zoho Mail.

Creating your own integration for Zoho Mail:

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click Start now.
  3. In the templates page, click Start from blank.
  4. Search Zoho Mail and click to add it to your Datasource.
  5. Click Link data source.
  6. Login to your Zoho Mail account if not done before, and then click Accept.
  7. After linking the data source,​ click Ok.
  8. You have now authenticated your Zoho Mail account as a data source. You can now use Zoho Mail and create blends to fulfill your requirements. 


    For more details on how to create blends/integrations, refer to this help page.

Supported functions/blocks

The following actions can be automated and linked to provide varied results. 

  • List Folders 
  • List Messages
  • Get Message Meta Data
  • Get Message Content

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