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The Inventory cycle

A simplified workflow to manage your inventory.

Track and manage inventory online with Zoho Books. From knowing stock levels to viewing reports, keep tabs on your inventory in real time.

End-to-end inventory tracking.

Easy Inventory Tracking

Easy tracking of inventory.

Tracking of inventory begins with the creation of the item. Easily enable tracking of inventory when saving the item.

Advanced Inventory management app for Zoho Books.

Zoho Inventory is an advanced inventory management software that lets you streamline, automate and centralize your entire inventory system. It’s also seamlessly integrated with Zoho Books.

Inventory Adjustment

Adjust inventory. Whenever.

Damaged goods? Difference after inventory revaluation? No problem. Inventory adjustment can be done when needed. Enter the additional stock level and get back on track.

Reorder Level For Inventory

Set reorder levels and replenish when needed.

Stock at dangerously low levels? That can never happen with Zoho Books. Set reorder levels and get alerts before the stock level reaches a minimum.

Choose Your Vendor

Select your preferred vendor.

Save time at the time of reordering. You can easily create and send a purchase order to your preferred vendor.

So how does it work in Zoho Books?

See how you can manage your goods as they come in and go out.

Purchase Order

Purchase orders.

Zoho Books lets you create and send purchase orders to your vendors.


Create bills for the vendor.

Once the goods have been received, create an open bill for your goods and your stock level is automatically increased.

Credit Notes

Credit Notes for returns.

There are times when a customer returns a part of the shipped goods for reasons like damage, excess quantity or wrong specifications. Books lets you create credit notes for returned goods.


Send sales orders.

Create and send sales orders for goods that are ready to be shipped. Confirm the shipment and keep your production team updated. You can even create a purchase order from sales orders when needed.


Deliver invoices to your customers.

Once your sales order has been confirmed, convert it into an invoice with a click of a button to your customer.


Replenish stock.

Zoho Books will notify you well before your stock level goes below a set minimum level. Set the re-order level and even select your preferred vendor for buying when stock touches re-order point.

Zoho Books uses the FIFO method to valuate the stock.
Each and every stock in your inventory is accounted for, whether it is coming in or going out.


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