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Here is everything that makes Zoho Books stand apart

Ensure Compliance | Zoho Books

Ensuring compliance

With Zoho Books, staying compliant is no longer a struggle. It is FTA accredited and guarantees compliance during invoice creation, VAT filing, and FTA audits.

Handle Exports and Imports | Zoho Books

Handling imports and exports

Zoho Books strictly adheres to government mandates. It simplifies the entire VAT handling process, including imports and exports, trade to designated zones, and reverse charge, through its automated, inbuilt VAT validations.

Automate Workflows | Zoho Books

Saving time

Zoho Books automates not only your VAT process, but also tedious high-volume tasks and workflows. It helps you eliminate error-prone and repetitive tasks, and follow up on customer payments with effortless reminders.

Expedite Online Payments | Zoho Books

Expediting online payments

Zoho Books makes it quick and secure to collect online payments from around the world, through powerful integrations with various international payment gateways. It also supports local payment methods like SADAD, MADA, OmanNet and KNet.

Collaborate Seamlessly | Zoho Books

Providing seamless collaboration

Collaboration is vital, especially when working remotely. Zoho Books helps bridge the various departments of your business regardless of location. It also helps you share vital data with CFOs, accountants and other important stakeholders without hassle.

Scale Effortlessly | Zoho Books

Scaling effortlessly

The accounting software you use shouldn't get in the way of your business growth. Zoho Books scales effortlessly with your business, letting you customize the software to accommodate your increasing needs.

Features that simplify accounting

  • Receivables

    Send your quotes to customers, craft professional VAT-compliant invoices in multiple languages including arabic, from accepted quotes, verify and approve invoices, and receive payments both offline and online. Learn More 

    Create VAT-compliant Invoices | Zoho Books
  • Payables

    Categorize your expenses, auto-scan expense and mileage receipts, generate self-billed invoices, and record your vendor bills effortlessly. Learn More 

    Record Vendor Bills | Zoho Books
  • Inventory

    Create items, add SKU codes, and organize your inventory. Manage stock levels and set reorder points to replenish supplies. Learn More 

    Organize Inventory and Manage Stocks | Zoho Books
  • Banking

    Connect your bank with Zoho Books to fetch transactions directly, automatically categorize them, and reconcile your accounts in minutes. Zoho Books also connects with Mashreq NEOBiz, making it the region’s industry-first digital banking and accounting integration. Learn More 

    Reconcile Accounts in Minutes | Zoho Books
  • Projects

    Manage multiple projects within Zoho Books. Create invoices based on either time spent on tasks, or fixed project costs. Learn More 

    Manage Multiple Projects | Zoho Books
  • Reporting

    Generate important financial statements like cash flow statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements automatically to get deep insights into the health of your organization. Learn More 

    Generate Insightful Reports | Zoho Books
  • Create VAT-compliant Invoices | Zoho Books
  • Record Vendor Bills | Zoho Books
  • Organize Inventory and Manage Stocks | Zoho Books
  • Reconcile Accounts in Minutes | Zoho Books
  • Manage Multiple Projects | Zoho Books
  • Generate Insightful Reports | Zoho Books

Exclusive offer for businesses operating in the UAQ FTZ

Um Al Quaimm Offer | Zoho Books

Zoho Books charges you nothing for the first 6 months if your business operates in the Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone.

Constant Customer Support | Zoho Books

Customer support via phone, chat, and email is absolutely free, along with access to the complete Zoho Books knowledge base.

Online accounting software Mobile Screen

Accounting on the go

Manage your accounting from anywhere and at any time. Bring mobility to your accounting by downloading the Zoho Books mobile app, available for iOS and Android.

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During the VAT launch, all my friends were struggling with managing their accounts. They had to compile the data and keep it in a format how the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) wanted it. But for us, it was very simple, because with Zoho Books we already had the data how we wanted it.