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The Purchase Order Cycle

Ready for Sale.
Ready for the Order!

With the 'All in one' Sales Orders, you can confirm the sale with your customer before you ship it out, keep your production team updated on when, what's needed, and avoid even the smallest error during shipment.

Create. Track. Manage.

With Zoho Books, your shipment will now be quick and error free.

Customized Sales orders

Customized Sales Orders.

Some clients order multiple products, some order different sizes, and some different colors. Customize your Sales Order to match your business needs. You can even include your brand logo on them.

Track your sales orders based on the product fulfillment status.

Zoho Inventory is an advanced order management software that lets you automate the entire order - to - cash process. It’s also seamlessly integrated with Zoho Books.

Convert estimate to sales order and to an invoice

Estimate to Invoice.
One single document.

At any stage of the business, an estimate is all you need. Using Sales Orders, you will find it easy to convert an approved estimate into a Sales Order, and, later into an invoice! It is that simple.

Partial Invoicing

Ship what you have ready.
Sell as you make.

Your client orders 50 products and want you to ship these to them immediately. You have only 20 ready. Using Sales Orders in Zoho Books, you will be able to instantly create a partial invoice for the 20 products and ship them to your client.

Convert Sales Order into Purchase Order

Convert Sales Order into a Purchase Order.

Shortage of stock? Customer suddenly wants more goods and not enough time to produce? Instantly convert a Sales Order into a purchase order and send it to your vendor.

More than just Orders

The best thing about Sales Orders is that it keeps everyone updated at all times.

See how Sales Orders can make a difference in your business in 2 weeks.


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