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Frequently Asked Questions on UAE Corporate Tax

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Corporate Tax Basics

What is corporate tax in the UAE and what is the percentage?
What is the idea behind the government imposing a low 9% tax rate?
Who is subject to corporate tax in the UAE?
Will businesses owned by UAE or GCC have to pay corporate tax?
Should individuals and foreigners pay corporate tax?
Is investment in real estate subject to corporate tax?
When will the corporate tax be effective and what is the tax period?
What is the taxable income and how is it calculated??
What is a free zone in the UAE and what is its purpose?
Who is considered a qualifying free zone person?
Who can avail tax holidays?
What are the benefits for free zone business investors?
What is the tax rate for companies that are both a part of multinationals and Pillar 2?
Should juridical persons pay UAE CT along with emirate-level taxes?
Will corporate tax replace VAT and should a business pay both?
How should businesses prepare for the UAE CT?
On what basis are entities considered residents and non-residents of the UAE for CT?
Will the federal government provide UAE CT relief to small businesses, and who would be eligible?
What factors should be considered to determine the taxable income?
What statements should businesses maintain for CT and how long should those be preserved?
What is taxable income and how should the financial accounts be prepared to meet the standards?
Should the financial statements be prepared based on accruals?
How are capital gains treated for corporate tax?
When will a foreign person be considered a UAE resident and how will they be subject to the UAE CT?
What confirms that the income comes from the UAE?


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