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Zoho Books optimized for UAE Corporate Tax

Efficiency meets compliance

Stay ahead with our FTA accredited accounting platform. Effortlessly manage taxes, boost efficiency, and ensure seamless compliance. Empower your business with Zoho Books, your go-to accounting platform.

Your path to Corporate Tax compliance:
Five easy steps

Enable UAE Corporate tax for your organization Enter the tax registration number to generate the UAE Corporate tax report Adding the right account under the UAE CT account for accurate tracking Manage UAE Corporate Tax reports in Zoho Books File your Corporate Tax in UAE easily by generating returns in Zoho Books
  • 1

    Enable UAE Corporate Tax

    Taxpayers can easily activate the UAE Corporate Tax feature in Zoho Books to get started

  • 2

    Enter tax registration and return period

    Provide your tax registration number and select the starting date for your tax return period to ensure timely reporting

  • 3

    Configure CT accounts

    Fill in the necessary details for the UAE CT accounts to enable precise CT return generation

  • 4

    Streamline CT returns

    Easily manage your CT returns with Zoho Books's dedicated Corporate Tax module where you can generate, view, and delete returns

  • 5

    Review and file reports

    Take a quick glance at your CT reports in Zoho Books and effortlessly file your returns on the FTA portal

Covering the basics of the
UAE corporate tax 2023

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Think ahead || ZohoBooks

Businesses with accounting solutions like Zoho Books are already miles ahead when it comes to complying with new and coming tax regulations.

Zoho Books lets you set up tax codes for different types of income and expenses to track your tax liability accurately.

Generates reports and calculates the tax due for specific periods, making tax compliance an easy feat to achieve.

As you're reading this, Zoho Books is working towards bringing you comprehensive corporate tax specific reports and features exclusive to the UAE region.

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