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  • Back up and restore your WorkDrive data with RecoveryManager Plus

Back up and restore your WorkDrive data with RecoveryManager Plus

  • Last Updated : January 29, 2024
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Data is everything in this era of smart devices, AI assistants, and automated workflows. However, data loss remains a common occurrence. Experts estimate that, on average, 33% of folders aren’t even backed up! Why take such a risk?

Organizations often have stringent rules for backing up files, and laws such as GDPR require a structured backup system to prevent incidental (or malicious) data loss. The challenge is implementing these safeguards in practice. This is why our team at WorkDrive understands the value of implementing a reliable solution to keep your data secure.

With the enhanced listing API and new Changes API, ManageEngine’s RecoveryManager Plus (RMP) now enables backup support for Zoho WorkDrive. Here's a peek what you can do with RMP's backup and restore features.


Automated backup for smart systems

The automated backup feature using RecoveryManager Plus enables scheduled backups. By default, you can schedule automated backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly pattern.

Multiple storage choices for quick restoration

RecoveryManager Plus allows backup from WorkDrive to your local device, network attached storage (NAS) or Azure cloud storage.

The retrieval process is quick, simple, and will even restore files that are unavailable in WorkDrive’s trash folder. This essentially gives you a second chance to restore files that might have been overlooked or viewed as unimportant, but are now necessary or valuable.

RMP also supports incremental backup, enabling the retrieval of modified and new data since the last backup to save you time and effort.

TrueSync and RecoveryManager Plus: What's the difference?

While WorkDrive TrueSync exists as a companion tool to sync your WorkDrive files to your device and vice-versa, RMP provides a more rigid and encrypted backup solution that can handle backups on multiple storage services that can help restore your data during a data-loss incident.

Similarly, while TrueSync only syncs the most recent version of your WorkDrive files, RMP stores the latest version of a file from every backup cycle and can revert to any of those versions whenever needed.

Another key difference between TrueSync and RMP is that TrueSync only connects to three WorkDrive teams, but RMP can allocate to any number of teams in its system.

Retain your data for as long as you want

This point is worth repeating: Data drives everything in this era of AI, analytics, and automation. A person or organization may not realize the importance of specific files or folders until they search for a critical piece of information and find it has been lost, corrupted, or accidentally deleted. That's why it's essential to back up files proactively.

To solve this issue and reduce the risk of data loss, ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus enables organizations to save backed-up files forever, unless otherwise specified. In a contingency, users can download files and folders directly from their RMP backup.


Whether you think in terms of data, information, files, or folders, you can securely back up your work and future-proof your organization against any technical incidents or human errors with this WorkDrive integration.

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