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  • Presenting WorkDrive 3.0: Enhance team collaboration and improve file accessibility: Part -1

Presenting WorkDrive 3.0: Enhance team collaboration and improve file accessibility: Part -1

  • Last Updated : December 13, 2023
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Presenting WorkDrive 3.0: Enhance team collaboration and improve file accessibility: Part -1

The global workforce has started to embrace the hybrid work model. As a result, many business processes have moved online. Now, tools that empower businesses to quickly access their data and seamlessly collaborate with their distributed teams are a top priority.

That's why we are thrilled to introduce the latest version of Zoho WorkDrive, which helps you access files and collaborate with your team from any location. Read on to learn about the recent updates and enhancements in WorkDrive.

Access files on the go

1. Scribble tool for capturing ideas

Want to draft your ideas on the go? With WorkDrive's Scribble tool for mobile and tablet devices, you can sketch and jot down plans for future reference at any time from anywhere.

2. Mobile widgets for easy access

With the new WorkDrive widget for mobile devices, you can upload and search for documents right from your home screen. Use the notifications menu in the widget to track your team's activity.

3. Offline access to folders

Travelling to a location with low network connectivity? Don't worry—you can now save your files and folders offline and access them from anywhere without worrying about your internet service.

Start building with WorkDrive APIs

Want to integrate WorkDrive with your business apps? With WorkDrive API documentation, you can build apps with the advanced functionalities of a content collaboration tool, like content-based search, file preview, external sharing, and more. Streamline your information flow and customize your workflows.

WorkDrive Genie (beta) for Mac

The quick editing tool for your WorkDrive files is now available for Mac users. With WorkDrive Genie for Mac, you can access your native desktop apps to make changes to your files from any device. Your changes automatically sync to the cloud.

Team Folders at your fingertips

View, access, and work on your data more efficiently with these TeamFolders enhancements:

1. Pinned Team Folders

As you know, TeamFolders is a shared workspace where your team members can create, share, and collaborate on files. For quick access to your key work items, you can now pin all your critical Team Folders to the top of your Folders list.

2. Improved user experience

Do you waste time searching for the right information? WorkDrive now provides a comprehensive view of Team Folders, which displays your list of pinned and public Team Folders so you can easily locate what you need.

Further, you can now select which Team Folders appear on the left panel. You can choose to display all Team Folders, only pinned Team Folders, or none.

3. Duplicate Team Folders   

Do you need a quick copy of an existing Team Folder for a different project? Using the Duplicate Team Folder option, you can copy the files and folders to a new folder, add team members, and start collaborating on your new project.

4. Compact View mode

Tired of scrolling through a long list of files and folders? With WorkDrive's Compact View mode, you can now get a glimpse of more items stored in a Team Folder.

Maintain brand consistency with templates

1. Categorize your templates

Businesses use a wide range of templates for varied purposes. Organizing these templates into different categories will make it easier for your employees to locate and utilize the ones they need.

2. Find the right template

Searching for templates is now easier than ever. Using the built-in search box, search for a template by name, author, or even a keyword used in the file.

Note: You can also locate a template using WorkDrive's global search.

File preview enhancements

With WorkDrive, you can now preview PDFs and image files in various sizes (in percentage), zoom in or out on images, auto-fit to your window, and quickly jump to any page.

And this isn't the end of our updates—it's just the beginning! We have a bunch more exciting enhancements coming up. Keep an eye out for the second part of our announcement here.

Presenting WorkDrive 3.0: Enhance team collaboration and improve file accessibility: Part -2

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