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A redesigned user interface!

A reworked builder, new feature updates in questions, a whole-new dashboard, more languages in translation, an enhanced theme editor, and a redesigned reports section are the highlights of the latest update of the product.

Buy responses now!

With the Buy Responses feature, you can now connect with qualifying respondents and set survey disqualification logic to identify respondents who fit your specific criteria.

Distribute surveys with email!

Use your email lists from within Zoho Survey to easily track responses and see how many respondents opened your invite, how many have yet to, if any emails have been bounced, or if someone unsubscribed to your invite.

Trigger functions on responses!

Zoho Survey has been integrated with Deluge, an online scripting language, that helps you add functions to your survey more easily than ever before. Trigger functions enable you to use Deluge to perform nearly any action that you can think every time a response is submitted.

Zoho Survey has been integrated with Zoho Sheet!

You can now push responses from your survey into a spreadsheet as your respondents submit their responses.

Zoho Survey mobile apps for download!

To help you build surveys and collect responses on the go, the iOS and android mobile apps are now available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store respectively. You can use the application to launch and close surveys, and to view reports. 

iOS app download:

Android app download:



Translate to Kannada!

Zoho Survey has added an Indian regional language, Kannada, to its translation feature.


Translate to Polish!

Zoho Survey has added the Polish language to its translation feature.


Translate to Armenian!

Zoho Survey has added the Armenian language to its translation feature.

Share survey feature for all admin portals!

It is now possible to share your surveys from all portals where you are an admin.


Image upload for all rich text editors!

You can now upload images in any rich text editor. This feature was available only in question hint previously.


Translate to Gujarati!

Zoho Survey has added an Indian regional language, Gujarati, to its translation feature.

Statistics for Slider question type!

Slider question type has been updated to support statistics in reports.


Translation for survey title!

With the latest feature update, it is now possible for you to translate your survey title.


Logic options for Slider question and Multiple Lines question types!

Slider and Multiple Lines question types have been enhanced to support adding logic.


Logic options for Full Name and Contact Information!

You can now add logic to Demographic/Contact Information and Full Name question types.



Supports 'in-between' operation for Rating Scale, Star Rating, and NPS question types!

The Rating Scale (likert scale), Star Rating, and NPS question types now support in-between operation in logic.

Translate to Dutch!

Zoho Survey has added the Dutch language to its translation feature.


Translation for question hint!

The latest enhancement for the question hint feature brings you translation support with a rich text editor.


Support matrix drop down questions!

The all-new matrix drop down question helps the respondents to analyse various items with the same set of measurements by selecting from a list of choices.


Delete departments!

With the new enhancement made, you can now delete a department by using the delete department action. Also, when you delete a department, you can either trash or move an existing survey in the department.


The Zoho Campaign integration with Zoho Survey has now been enhanced!

With the latest enhancement made, Zoho Survey users can now use Custom Domain in Zoho Campaign, and all portal users can now distribute the joint portals through the campaign. The responder email address also gets stored in the responder email question, which helps in collecting filtered responder details.

Insert response URL in email template!

The latest enhancement lets you insert the response URL as a public link in the email. You need not log on every time to view the response.


Modify organization name!

Modifying the organization name in your department has now been made possible with the latest enhancement. All you have to do is, go to your department, click Set up and make necessary edits.


Support Slider question!

The latest addition to the question types, the slider question, is more interactive and enables the respondents to provide accurate values in their survey responses.

'Others (Please Specify)' is now considered a choice!

You can now save your questions with at least two choices, even with 'Others (Please Specify)' being one of them. 'Other' has also been set as a filter to filter the responses seamlessly.

Add users in default portal!

The latest feature enhancement supports adding users in the default portal.


Attach files with Zoho CRM integration!

You can now attach any file to your question with Zoho CRM integration. However, if you do not have any File upload or Signature questions, you will not be able to add any file to the Zoho CRM records.

Set your document domain as child domain in the live survey form!

Change the document domain on the survey embed page by just adding the ddomain parameter with your sub-domain value which is similar to taget=top. With this enhanced feature, you can include your JavaScript on the survey embed page too.


New languages in translation!

The latest enhancement to the translation feature is the addition of these languages; Swedish, Portugese, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Javanese, Russian, Bengali (India), Turkish, and Norwegian.

Change the question type after publishing!

This enhancement enables changing the question type even after publishing your survey. However, this is made possible only for choice and matrix type questions.

Support changing the sender's email ID in email trigger!

With the latest enhancement made to the email trigger feature, you can now change the sender's email address.



Publish your survey to a closed group!

The visibility feature in Zoho Survey enables you to decide who should respond to your survey by assigning visibility settings after publishing your survey.

Support inline email marketing surveys!

Create surveys with just a single question. Inline surveys generate an HTML setup that can be embedded in any email marketing software.


Add a signature to your survey!

The latest addition to the question types, the Signature question enables the respondents to add their name and signature with their responses.


Support Net Promoter Scoring!

Measure the willingness of your customer to recommend a product or service to others. This question type is similar to the likert scale where you can rate a product within a constant score range (0-10).

Move questions and pages to trash!

With the new trash feature in Zoho Survey, all the deleted items are moved to the trash, from where you can either restore the item or permanently remove the item from the builder.


Reduced spam counts and increased delivery rates in email trigger!

With the latest update, the spam counts have been reduced and emails are ensured not to be identified as spam.


Restrict the responses by URL param!

Add a param to the survey link and restrict the responses to your survey. With this new feature, you can prevent multiple responses.

Question hint!

Add hints to your question so that your respondents get a clear idea on what that question is all about. This feature is optional and is available only for certain types of questions.


Support scoring!

Assign scores for your responses and weigh them based on the score. Also, the scoring logic feature helps in customizing the end page of the survey based on each respondent's score.

Integrate with Zoho SalesIQ!

Zoho Survey is now integrated with SalesIQ. With this integration, you can track the website returning visitors by their name and email address.


Support questions of any type!

This new question type that has been introduced enables the respondent to upload files with any extension type.


Easily move your survey to your colleague/boss!

Transferring your survey to a different account or portal is made easy with the new Transfer Survey feature. With this, you can easily copy or move your survey and reports to your colleague or boss.

Assign CRM field value to a choice!

Add values to your CRM fields either directly or through choice mapping. Direct values are added to your CRM field for every survey response. With choice mapping, you can map the choices of your survey questions to the CRM field options.


Tag your survey!

Tag your surveys and make them easily available in search results and filters. All you need to do is, add appropriate tags or labels to your survey.

Create a survey from Google Drive!

With the integration with Google Drive, a button has been introduced to create surveys from Google Drive.

Send preset values to your CRM report!

With this feature update, you can now send preset values directly to your CRM report when the data is pushed during the integration.


Survey app is now part of CRMPlus bundle!

Get benefited with the unified customer-centric offerings from CRMPlus. Now, the Zoho Survey app comes along with the CRMPlus bundle too.

View your CRM lead’s email in survey’s report!

Integrate and send your survey responses through CRM, and view your lead’s email address in the report when survey responses are sent through the lead module.

View your CRM contact's email in survey’s report!

Integrate and send your survey responses through CRM, and view your contact's email address in the report when survey responses are sent through the contact module.


Push offline responses to spreadsheet and CRM!

With the latest feature update, offline response data gets integrated with spreadsheet and CRM.

Collect time with the Calendar question!

An enhancement has been made to the Calendar question, where time is also collected along with the date.


Delete bulk responses!

Now, you can delete any number of survey responses with ease. A Reset button has been introduced to quicken the bulk delete process.



White label your surveys!

Distribute surveys from your domain. A white label survey allows to have your brand name on your surveys, without finding a Zoho Survey logo anywhere on the questionnaire.

Add the survey responses in the termination redirect page URL!

Add your respondent's responses as parameters in the termination redirect page URL and customize your survey end page. You just need to enter the parameter name and mention the parameters value as survey responses.

Show respondent’s response in survey termination!

Add logic to your end pages to make them look organized and customize them for different audiences. The latest feature update shows the respondent’s response also in survey termination.


Collect respondents' demographic information!

Collect respondents' contact information with demographic questions. This reduces the chaos of using multiple single text box questions. With such an arrangement, the reports are all well organized.


Create Dynamic End pages!

With the Survey Termination feature, you can customize end pages for your survey. This feature works on logic. You can add logic to your end pages to make them look organized and customize them for different audiences. This can be done based on the responses and the collector that you've created.


Integration with Zoho CRM!

Zoho Survey is now integrated with Zoho CRM. With this integration , you can push or pull survey responses to a particular field in the module. You can send surveys from within CRM and view the responses in the customer context of the module. Convert respondent's feedback to better customer relationships. Visit help



Host Surveys on your own domain!

Custom domain feature lets you host your surveys on your own domain. Map your domain to configure the survey's live form URL. You can distribute this unique URL to the respondents'. This can be a brand building initiative.


Surveys with a personality!

Give your surveys all the attention it requires. Add colors and images to your surveys and make them look lively. You can now customize all the facets of your survey's look. Change the background, fonts, border, alignment. Use this feature for creating a brand awareness. Visit Help



Segregate Responses with Multiple Collectors!

You can now segregate responses based on collector settings. Multiple collectors lets you customize survey taking experience for a set of respondents.You can send same surveys to different set of respondents. In the reporting section, all these responses are segregated according to the set of respondents. Visit Help