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Embed a survey on your website by inserting the HTML, JavaScript, or Iframe code into your website's code.

Embed survey in website

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How do I embed my survey on a website?

  1. Go to the Launch tab.
  2. Click Embed. Select which embed option you'd like to use, then follow the corresponding instructions:

Embed Option


HTML Embed



Popup HTML


  1. Click the code in the corresponding box to copy the code to the clipboard. 
  2. Paste the code onto your website.

QR code

  1. Click Download. The code will be downloaded to your device as a PNG file.
  2. Add the QR code to your website. Users can scan the code with a mobile device and access the survey without any web URL.



Via Facebook

Make your surveys easily accessible to your followers by embedding them on Facebook.

Embed survey via facebook

How do I post a survey on my Facebook page?

  1. Go to the Launch tab
  2. Select Facebook under Distribution
  3. Click Connect
  4. Complete the steps that follow to authenticate your Facebook account with Zoho Survey. The list of pages you have added will show up on your Launch tab in the Via Facebook section. 
    Integrate survey with Facebook
  5. Select the page where you want to share your survey.
  6. Click Post.
  7. Click Open in a new tab to see the survey posted on your Facebook page.

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