Website Insert

Website Insert

Post a survey on your website as an embedded survey or a pop-up by inserting the code into your website's code. Javascript and pop-up embeds have been folded into pop-up surveys with the introduction of this feature.

Pop-up Surveys

How do I create a pop-up survey?

  1. Go to the Launch tab.

  2. Click Pop-up Survey in the Web Insert section.
Select from the following in the Pages with pop-up section to decide the pages that will show the pop-up:

    • Show on all pages: To show the pop-up on all the pages

    • Show on chosen pages: To show the pop-up only on selected pages

    • URL: Enter the URL starting with '/'
  4. Select from the following in the Pop-up timing section to assign a time for the pop-up to occur: 

    • Immediately after the page loads

    • After __ seconds on the page

    • After an exit intent 

    • After scrolling __ % of the page

  5. Select from the following in the Pop-up position section to set an alignment for the pop-up: 

    • Top left

    • Top right

    • Center

    • Bottom left
    • Bottom right

  6. Click Generate Code. You can use the generated script on all the pages of your website after the <body> tag.
  7. Click Reconfigure to generate the code again.



Embed survey in website

How do I embed my survey on a website?

  1. Go to the Launch tab.
  2. Click Embed. Select which embed option you'd like to use, then follow the corresponding instructions:

Embed Option


HTML Embed



  1. Click the code in the corresponding box to copy the code to the clipboard. 
  2. Paste the code onto your website.


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