Zoho Survey's integration with Eventbrite lets you send surveys to anyone who's shown interest in your event. Collect your attendees' expectations and feedback about your event and ensure that your event is a success from beginning to end.


How do I...


How do I install the Zoho Survey app in my Eventbrite account?

  1. Log in to your Eventbrite account.
  2. Click Manage Events on the top-right corner to select an event.
  3. Click Manage in the event you want to select.
  4. Click Extensions on the left pane.
  5. Click Zoho Survey from the list of published apps. You can also search and find Zoho Survey in the Eventbrite Spectrum tool or under the following sub-categories:
    • Categories - Marketing Tools
    • Event Types - Conferences
    • Services - Syncs Attendees
  6. Click Install App.
  7. Click Allow to let Zoho Survey access your Eventbrite account.


How do I send a survey to my event attendees?

  1. Log in to your survey app using your Zoho Corp account. If you don't have a Zoho Corp account already, sign up to use the app.
  2. Click Let's Start after opening the Zoho Survey app.
  3. Select the survey you want to send in the Select a Survey dropdown list. If you haven't created any surveys yet, click Create a New Survey or select a survey from one of our pre-built templates.
  4. Select a collector in the Collector dropdown list.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Select your recipients in the Select your recipient dropdown list. The recipient list is categorized based on the users' attending status and ticket type. If you haven't yet added any attendee email addresses, please add them and refresh the page to proceed.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Type a subject in the Subject field.
  9. Click or hover over the email template and click  to edit the default email template or click edit template in the top right corner. If the first question is NPS, Star Rating, or Multiple Choice, the first question will be embedded in your email distribution. This will replace the Begin Survey button with a link to your survey.

    Edit email template

    • Make edits to the title of the email template, if any, in the Title name box. If you do not make any changes to the title, it will take the name of the survey by default.
    • Click Background color and Font color palettes in the Header section to adjust them in the template.
    • In the Button name field, make edits to the button name, if required.
    • In the Button URL field, Click + Add Parameter, to insert respondent variable from Eventbrite into your survey.
      • Type name, if, for example, you want to track the respondent's name.
      • Click on Select value dropdown. Choose either first name or last name.
      • Click Ok.
      • Similarly, you can also insert a direct value as a respondent variable.
      • Example: Type 'Organization' and under Select value, click on param-value and put "XYZ Inc".
      • Make sure you have the corresponding custom variable for 'organization' created in survey.
    • Click Background color, and Font color palettes in the Button section to adjust them in the button name.
    • Choose whether you want to show the default 'powered by Zoho Survey' option.
    • Click Save.
  10. Click Send to distribute your survey through email. You can also save a draft version and send it later.​

Note: You can add up to 1000 email addresses per batch in an email campaign i.e. you can send 1000 emails at a time. 

How do I track my survey?

  1. Click the survey you want to track for an event from the list of published surveys. If you have multiple collectors for the survey you selected, you can track the survey using each of those collectors.
  2. Click Overview to view the following details.
    • Invites - Displays the details of how many of your respondents have opened your invite, how many are yet to open it, if any email has been scheduled or bounced, or if someone has unsubscribed from your invite.
    • Responses - Displays the total number of responses, and the details of completed, partial, and disqualified responses.
    • Invite History - Displays the date and other details of each invite. Click View for a detailed history.

Email distribution overview

  1. Click Recipients to see the following details.
    • Search Recipients - Search for a recipient by using keywords.
    • Email - Displays email addresses of the email invitees.
    • Sent - Displays whether your invite has been sent.
    • Responded - Displays the response status of your survey. If they have responded, click View Response. It will take you to the reports section where you can see detailed response details. You will also be able to track the respondent variables applied here.
    • Filter - Filter your recipients based on various parameters.

email distribution recipients

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