Make your surveys secure with these safeguarding features by which you can determine how your surveys will be accessed and by determining who can access reports through sharing.

Add restrictions to your surveys for protection.

Set a cutoff date - to stop receiving responses on your survey after a specified date in case your survey is only intended for a specific period of time or season.

Maximum response count - A maximum response count gives you the option to set a limit on the number of respondents participating in your survey.

Enable Password protection - Password protect your surveys to restrict access and allow participation only by invitation. Invitees can access the survey by entering a password that you provide.

Prevent Multiple Responses - Prevent participants from taking your survey more than once by enabling this option. It will not permit participation more than once from a single IP address.

For more information on adding restrictions to your surveys, visit this page.

Share Permission

When sharing reports, specify who can access your reports thereby protecting them from public viewing. Reports can be shared with a private user or to everyone within an Organisation. They can be permitted for public viewing or can be made accessible only to users who know the password.

For a detailed guide on sharing a report, visit this page.


What is Captcha : It stands for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.”

Use a Captcha to secure your surveys from automated bots. A Captcha in place will prevent actions by automated software so you receive valuable data only from genuine respondents. (humans)

To enable CAPTCHA:

  • Go to Settings on your survey editor.
  • Under the Navigation area, and check the "Enable CAPTCHA to prevent actions by automated software" box.

enable captcha