Zoho Subscriptions integration with Google Analytics

Observe. Analyze. Refine.

Bolster your marketing efforts using Google Analytics. Monitor the page views, check for events- payment success/failure, trace workflow and generate funnel reports to hit the nail on the head every time with unparalleled customer insights.


Trace customer footprints

Your customers holds the key to your success. Track their behavior, get back to the drawing board, optimize your web pages and see the drop in the bounce rate.


Event based reporting

Home run or a small nudge, get outcome based reporting served hot on your dashboard. Align your business objectives with customer behavior and get goal centric reports.

Sneak Peak into the world of Analytics

Easy to integrate

Need coding? Not at all. Start monitoring customer activity with a single click.

Setup Goals

Set benchmarks and analyse your performance against your defined goals.

Generate funnel reports

Overcome conversion roadblocks with the funnel reports highlighting the exit points.