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Managing Partner and IP Attorney - Stratjuris Partners
One of our favorite feature of Zoho Books is sending automatic payment reminders to our clients. This feature has enabled us to collect the dues from our clients in time.

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Why Priyank loves Zoho Books

  • Less time tracking hours
  • Track financials on the go
  • Ease of customization

Law firms, like most businesses, need to keep track of money flowing in and out of their practice. However, their skills lie not in crunching accounting numbers, but in settling clients' cases.

Nature lover, father of twin girls, and Managing Partner and IP Attorney at Stratjuris, Priyank Gupta, talks with us about how he uses Zoho Books to spend less time tracking hours and billing so that he can spend more time with his clients.

The beginning of a new journey

"I've always been a firm believer of the innovation potential of Indian technology companies. I founded Stratjuris, with a vision of converting innovation to intellectual assets for innovators."

Stratjuris is a team of 30 advocates, who practice Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Data Privacy law and help clients file legal claims online. Patent attorneys at Stratjuris are empanelled by the Government of India to assist startups in registering their intellectual property. Stratjuris has helped more than 250 startups to register patent and trademarks under this scheme.

Finding the right fit!

When the Stratjuris team launched their service in 2015, it soon became clear that they needed a solution that would ease their accounting & invoicing. Having started a new venture that had challenges of its own, they wanted to hand over the responsibility of managing their accounts to a trusted source that would always be financially compliant.

Priyank began to look into the available accounting software in the market and did an in-depth evaluation before zeroing on Zoho Books.

"I, myself being the promoter for our startup, wanted to manage finance and accounting with the best software available. I wanted a system that I can use on the go. This is exactly why I chose Zoho Books because it runs on the cloud! We have adopted Zoho Books in our organization de novo."

The journey so far

Clients rely on Startjuris for IPR and Data Protection, and Startjuris relies on Zoho Books for accounting. When a client has invested innovation, time, and hard work in a project, they need to be sure that they're getting exactly what they need. Priyank and his team work hard to customize their services and offer a complete solution for the client's needs.

Similarly, when Startjuris trusts its financial record keeping to Zoho Books, they need to know that it's meeting their needs exactly. And it is — the team at Startjuris feels that they couldn't have found a better fit. The clean and user-friendly interface, quick support, and ease of customization make their everyday operations easy.

Stratjuris uses Zoho Books to maintain customer details, invoice for services, record expenses for customers and the firm, and organize and manage all of their banking records in a single platform.

We asked Priyank about the feature of Zoho Books that everyone in the firm likes the most, and he replied, "One of our favorite feature of Zoho Books is sending automatic payment reminders to our clients. This feature has enabled us to collect the dues from our clients in time."

Moreover, if I have to say just a line about Zoho, I'll say, Zoho simplifies accounting!

Stratjuris Partners

Some parting advice

Priyank is not only a successful lawyer but also an avid speaker at global summits. This young entrepreneur believes that, "There is no shortcut to success but only smart work. Zoho Books, is my smart accounting software. It gives me various reports to know the health of my organization in just a glance! I can know my Cashflow, Profit and Loss, Receivables and payment related information on the go. When you get so much with Zoho Books, why to choose any other legacy systems in the market?"

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