• Notebook for Samsung Devices

        Enjoy a hassle-free note-taking experience on Samsung's large-screen and Wear OS devices with the Notebook for Samsung integration.

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      • IFTTT

        Improve your productivity and get more time to focus on what matters with the new Notebook and IFTTT integration.

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      • Google Workspace
        Google Workspace

        Save your important emails, back up your File Cards, turn your ideas into documents, and create new calendar events with the Notebook for Google Workspace integration.

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      • Slack

        Share your thoughts with your team and save important chats in Notebook with the Notebook and Slack integration.

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      • Microsoft Teams
        Microsoft Teams

        Bring your thoughts and teams together with our Notebook and Microsoft Teams integration.

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      • Google Drive
        Google Drive

        Save all your files in Notebook to Google Drive for a solid backup.

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      • Zapier

        Connect Notebook with over 1,000 other apps to simplify your work and save time.

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      • Zoho Mail
        Zoho Mail

        Share your thoughts with your peers, and move your emails onto Notebook with the Notebook e-widget for Zoho Mail.

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      • Zoho Meeting
        Zoho Meeting

        Take notes during your online meetings without having to switch tabs

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      • Zoho Connect
        Zoho Connect

        Easily access your notes from Connect for reference purposes or for sharing your thoughts with your coworkers. Contextually take and associate notes to your Connect posts to view them side-by-side.

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      • Zoho Cliq
        Zoho Cliq

        Easily message your thoughts, ideas, and plans to others, while also being able to save important messages as notes.

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      • Zoho Projects
        Zoho Projects

        Bring your favorite apps together and experience increased productivity in your projects.

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      • Zoho Flow
        Zoho Flow

        Connect your favorite apps to automate your work and save time with the most powerful integration platform.

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      • Doc Scanner
        Doc Scanner

        Save scanned documents using the Doc Scanner as File Cards in your favorite note-taking app.

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