Bring Your Ideas into Your Inbox with Notebook and Zoho Mail

Create and access your notes from your inbox, compose emails with notes, and associate notes with email threads with Notebook and Zoho Mail.

Get Started

Notable. Emails.

Access your notes and create new ones right from your inbox. Simply click the cord icon in the bottom right of Zoho Mail, then select Notebook. 

Notable emails

Email Your Thoughts

Good ideas make for good emails. Search for a note, click the three dot icon, then select Compose Mail. The title of your note will become the email subject line, and the content will be added to the compose window.

compose mail

Turn Emails into Notes

Turn an email into a note by opening an email, then clicking the add mail icon. Add any additional thoughts, then select a notebook to save it to. You can even drag your mail and drop it into Notebook to create it as a note card. 

mail as note

Associate Notes with Email Threads

Associate notes with related email threads to contextualize your ideas. When you return to that email thread, your associated note will automatically appear. 

Related to thread