Email Logs

Incoming/ Outgoing logs - for Zoho Mail Admins

The administrator can use the mail logs to troubleshoot the delivery issues of any emails sent/received by the users of his organization. Apart from that, the logs can also help administrator to analyze the email patterns of their organization users, and provide appropriate solutions for their requirements. The logs can be retrieved based on any of the following parameters:

  • Email address of the sender - The email address of the user within the organization who sent the email. In case the user has multiple email addresses or aliases, provide the exact email address using which the email was sent.
  • Recipient Email Addresses - The email address of any one of the recipients, of the email, to whom the email was sent to. In case of emails sent to multiple recipients, provide any single recipient details to check the delivery status of all recipients copied in the email.
  • Message ID - The unique id associated with every email, which can be got from the respective emails headers. Refer here for detailed instructions to lookup headers of an email. Ex: A Message Id looks similar to  <> 

Email Logs can be searched by providing a specific date and time range. The email logs will be available only for the emails sent/ received in the recent 30 days.

Steps to check Email Logs: 

  1. Login to Zoho Mail Control Panel as administrator.
  2. Select Troubleshoot under Mail Administration. 
  3. Open the Mail Logs tab.
  4. You can provide the Sender email Address or Recipient email address or the Message ID of the email 
  5. Choose between the 'Past one hour' or 'Today' or 'Yesterday' or 'Last 4 days' or choose a date range. The range duration can only be 4 days or lesser. 
  6. Click 'Search' to view the logs for the selected parameters.  

The logs for the particular account will be listed along with the details of the server to which it was delivered, the delivery errors if any along with the time details and other delivery related information. 

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