Enhance your enterprise support infrastructure with Zoho Lens

From providing live visual assistance to overseeing your remote operations, Zoho Lens is the augmented reality (AR) software for your enterprise that comes with a holistic suite of tools to empower every facet of your support ecosystem.

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Transform enterprise collaboration and productivity with AR tools


AR live streaming

Using Zoho Lens, a technician can access and view the live camera stream of a customer in real time. In this way, your customer support teams can view hardware issues faced by a customer, pause the camera stream to analyze critical areas, and diagnose the problem right from their desk. They can go a step further by sharing their camera stream for live demos or walkthroughs of the solution.


AR annotations

Team members who are involved in prototyping, assembly, or maintenance need live visuals and spatial aids for accurate conclusions. Zoho Lens allows them to collaborate with precision by placing annotations directly on the camera stream. They can mark the exact points on the screen, draw and highlight with tools like the pencil tool, rectangular tool, and elliptical tool, or erase all markings with the clear screen option.


AR comments

While it's easy to add annotations and convey instructions, it takes time for remote users to execute each step, increasing the chances that they can lose track of the progress that’s been made. AR comments allow engineers to add annotation-specific instructions by selecting an individual arrow and adding a note to it, empowering team members to follow instructions at their own pace.


Multi-technician support

Shop-floor issues may require multiple skillsets from within or outside the factory for a holistic solution. Zoho Lens provides multi-technician support, where engineers can call upon many colleagues or external experts during a remote assistance session by sending email or SMS invites. All invited participants will have access to AR tools for faster and better collaboration.


File transfer via chat

Factory managers involved in remote training or collaboration can support their instructions with images, videos, and presentations by sharing them as attachments in the session chat. Participants can download and view these files on their device and even send back images or documents for feedback purposes. Once the session ends, the chat, along with the files, will be automatically synced to the cloud.


Session notes

Technicians working in assembly and maintenance processes can take notes of inconsistencies or equipment improvement needs using session notes. They can also keep a record of the repair work done in a session, or make a list of required parts for the next repair session. Once the session ends, the notes will be available in the file manager section, which the technician can download for future reference.



Engineers and trainers can document specific events or issues during their remote AR sessions by using the snapshot tool in the session. They can capture unlimited snapshots at any time during the session and freeze a particular snapshot to be viewed by all participants, which can then be annotated upon for further analysis and discussions


Session recording

Issues and fixes are inevitable in the manufacturing process, and learning from past mistakes helps to optimize operations quickly. Engineers and technicians can use the session recording feature to document issues during a session and create a knowledge trail for future references. Super admins can also enable automatic recording of sessions initiated within the organization for audit purposes.


Virtual code reader

Logistics and maintenance teams dealing with equipment and machine parts need to spend less time retrieving technical details for better throughput and repairs. Zoho Lens allows them to scan any QR code or barcode without switching apps during the session. The details retrieved from the scan can be sent to the relevant source instantly, or even saved to session notes for future reference.


Live text

Frontline technicians can sometimes lack the information they need while solving assembly line issues. They need help accessing information that is mostly found in extensive instruction manuals. Supervisors can scan specific instructions from these manuals using live text and send it to on-site technicians through the session chat for faster problem-solving.


Powerful features that every business needs in enterprise AR software


Smart glass support

Many manufacturers opt for AR-supported, head-mounted displays (HUDs) to increase enterprise productivity and safety. Zoho Lens has integrated with Epson, Realwear, and Vuzix, allowing the wearer to broadcast the camera stream to the expert and receive guidance while working hands-free.


APIs and mobile SDK

With Zoho Lens' APIs and mobile SDK, you can integrate remote assistance capabilities into your native app and unlock augmented reality for your industrial enterprise at a minimal cost and a reduced learning curve. Employees can start a Lens session or join a session right from your native app.



For any enterprise, organization security is a high priority among other factors while adapting to innovative technologies. In compliance with GDPR and SEC guidelines, Zoho Lens offers industry-standard SSL and 256-bit AES protocols, ensuring secure connections and guaranteeing data protection.



Brand perception is key for enterprises, and any alteration to that image can impact their overall business. Keeping this in mind, Zoho Lens offers a special feature called rebranding, where you can use your company's name, logo, favicon, and a customized portal URL, and even configure the emails that are sent to your customers.


Session analytics

With session analytics in Zoho Lens, super admins get a macro dashboard of all activities carried out in the organization. Metrics such as session time, duration, and IP addresses of the devices can give a micro view of the performance of the organization, leading to valuable insights for further improvements.


File management

Enterprises handle all sorts of information, ranging from basic organization information to sensitive customer data. Zoho Lens automatically stores and organizes session files such as notes, recordings, snapshots, and chat in the File manager, while other activities are recorded under the Action Log Viewer for better transparency and accountability.


User management

Organizations need a reliable system to manage users, control information access, and limit permissions to company-wide actions. Zoho Lens allows you to have as many technicians as you want, whom you can put in specific departments and restrict access to certain options in your organization portal.

Here's what makes Zoho Lens an enterprise AR suite

Versatile tools for any situation

With multifaceted features, Zoho Lens helps you seamlessly adapt to diverse situations with confidence. Transcend geographic boundaries using live camera streaming and communicate visually through annotations. You can also collaborate in multiple ways and collect contextual data using OCR and QR/barcode scans.


Extensive records for better accountability

Stay organized and consolidate all communication and action points in a single, easily accessible location. With a unified cloud-based file manager, admins can access snapshots, notes, chat transcripts, and recordings of every session for reference, analysis, audit, and documentation.

Extensive Accountability

Top-notch security in accordance with industry standards

Zoho Lens provides you with a robust and fortified environment for your enterprise's sensitive data. Multi-layered security protocols, such as the AES-256 algorithm, encryption in transit, and encryption at rest, ensure that your information remains shielded from unauthorized access, data breaches, and cyber threats.


Advanced analytics for better audits

Session metrics help you identify operational trends, optimize workflows, and uncover opportunities for improvement with precision and confidence. You can also use action logs to get into every detail of your enterprise operations for auditing purposes.


Seamless integrations

Enterprises operate within a complex ecosystem of tools, systems, and platforms. With mobile SDKs and APIs, you can integrate the remote assistance capabilities of Zoho Lens directly into your existing ecosystem, reducing learning curves and saving operational costs. Also, existing users of Zoho CRM, Desk, and Assist can easily integrate Zoho Lens into their portals.


Effortless customizations

Enterprises thrive on brand authority, so they think twice before using a third-party app for customer-facing teams. Zoho Lens offers you rebranding options that allow you to use your company's branding kit so that you can customize your portal URL and email templates as well as configure your email settings.


Enterprise-ready AR solutions

Augmented reality (AR) in enterprise has a wide range of applications for individuals involved in diverse frontlines. Here are a few examples of how AR can be used for multiple purposes within an enterprise.


Real-time collaboration

Change the way you collaborate with AR collaboration tools that empower you to visualize complex workflows and interact with experts from anywhere in the world.

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Customer service

Allow your client-facing teams to improve customer service operations by solving issues remotely through live video streaming and AR technology.

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Field service

Equip your technicians to complete work orders faster, reduce travel time, and manage assignments right from their desks.

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Maintenance and repair

Diagnose issues in any equipment or system, and troubleshoot and fix them remotely using enterprise AR software.

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Enterprise use for AR software

AR technologies are currently trending in manufacturing and service industries that aim for efficiency within available times and resources. As it becomes more widespread, accessible, and advanced, it will become the go-to solution for enterprises and SMBs alike.



Supervisors can conduct periodical checks on a live camera stream and provide visual remote support to engineers in their manufacturing plant and service centers by guiding them with visual pointers and annotations.

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Logistics staff can annotate to draw attention to specific handling units during order picking, and scan product labels for quicker dispatch.

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Healthcare professionals can share timely medical information with their patients and nursing staff, and receive remote assistance during the repair or use of medical devices.

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With AR, claim adjusters can reduce insurance cycle times by replacing onsite visits with remote assistance sessions.

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