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How AR is transforming the warehouse and logistics sector

Time is always of the essence in the logistics sector. AR technology has streamlined processes in many ways; here we discuss some of the areas where AR has had the most impact.

Monitor warehouse operations in real time

Using Zoho Lens, supervisors can quickly check the status of shipments or handling units in inventory, picking, or dispatch by directly accessing the smartphone cameras of the operators in charge at each stage.

Augmented Reality in Warehousing

Collaborate from any location

Operators can get immediate help from technicians for fixing machine handling equipment (MHE). Equipped with in-session tools, they can analyze the issue, provide detailed instructions, and complete repairs in no time.

Augmented Reality in Warehousing

Build a comprehensive knowledge base

Zoho Lens allows you to record sessions, take notes and snapshots, and store them in one place. Operators can document the processes involved at each stage of warehousing for training and auditing purposes. With a centralized and accessible knowledge base, warehouse personnel can minimize delays in getting information and execute tasks efficiently.

Augmented Reality in Warehousing

Train effectively with live visual pointers

Managers can immediately deploy newly hired personnel in warehousing and provide on-site training with minimal risks using visual pointers and annotations. They can also add specific instructions to individual annotations that can be viewed anytime during the session.

Augmented Reality in Warehousing

Go hands-free with smart glass support

Zoho Lens has partnered with global smart glass manufacturers like Vuzix, Epson, and Realwear so you can receive AR work instructions without disrupting your workflow.

Augmented Reality in Warehousing

Here’s how Zoho Lens’ augmented reality works in warehousing

Now that we’ve explained how AR has impacted the warehousing industry, we want to explain how Zoho Lens specifically works in busy warehouses.


Get connected

Managers can start or schedule a remote session with an employee from any device. They can send the employee an invite through SMS or email or send the employee the join link.


See what your staff sees

Once the employee joins the session, you can check the status of their order picking through their live camera stream.


Collaborate through text, voice chat, and AR tools

During the session, managers and workers can quickly communicate through text or voice chat. With AR annotations, they can direct or guide the employee through the warehouse and provide step-by-step instructions.

Speed up warehouse processes with these key features

Below are just some of the many features of Zoho Lens that can help logistics managers improve their processes.

Live camera streaming

Managers can access any smartphone or smart glass camera and view the camera stream through their preferred browser, effectively minimizing travel time.

Highlight 3D objects

Operators can use AR tools during a remote session to draw shapes or place arrows directly on the live camera stream to draw attention to specific handling units during picking, packing, and dispatching.

Text and voice chat

Supervisors can give quick instructions or relay any information about last-minute adjustments to warehouse personnel using the text and voice chat features.


Operators in charge of order planning or picking can take snapshots to keep track of handling units that are being shipped for future reference and analysis.

Multi-participant sessions

When handling emergencies, supervisors can work with warehouse teams in a single session to sort things out. External experts can be invited to brainstorm the best solution at a moment's notice.


Managers can integrate Zoho Lens with their warehouse management systems using API and mobile SDK to seamlessly initiate augmented reality sessions on their devices, effectively optimizing their warehouse operations.

Live text scan

Supervisors can scan task lists and send them to frontline workers on the go, reducing process times and improving productivity.

QR and barcode scanning

Logistics staff can speed up the picking and delivery process of orders by scanning the QR codes/barcodes on tags and labels and dispatching them accordingly.

Freeze the camera stream

Workers can freeze the camera stream while handling shipments and cargo to get detailed instructions from supervisors and execute them simultaneously in the session.


Managers can get an overview as well as detailed reports of the remote sessions initiated by warehouse personnel using the session analytics feature to identify areas of improvement in inbound or outbound operations.

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