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About Zoho Books

Connect Zoho Books to your Standard Chartered business account and bring accounting and corporate banking under one roof.

What this integration means for your business

Direct B2B payments

Initiate single or bulk vendor payment directly from your Zoho Books account. Zoho Books intelligently shows the right payment method (NEFT/RTGS/Bank Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer) based on the amount and vendor details.

Direct cross-border payments

Be it domestic payment or international, the integration has got you covered. Cross-border payments requiring tiresome documentation, can be easily initiated in Zoho Books.

Virtual accounts

No more spending hours on reconciling customer payments. With virtual accounts, experience automatic matching of payments to clients, and collect payments without having to share your account details.

Easy reconciliation

Set up the integration and watch Zoho Books automatically fetch your bank feeds and match your transactions, making reconciliation easy for you. Keep your business audit-ready at all times.

Additional security

Businesses can select specific users in Zoho Books who can initiate payments and thereby approve them in straight2bank portal. This ensures that all payments are initiated in a secure manner from your accounting software.

Reduced data entry

Connect your Standard Chartered Bank account to Zoho Books and fetch transactions automatically and say goodbye to errors associated with manual entry. Monitor your cash flow in real-time and track transactions going in and out of your accounting software.

Users making international vendor payments need not pay Telegraphic Transfer (TT) charges during the year 2018 by using this integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to pay to integrate Zoho Books with Standard Chartered Bank?

    No, we don't charge for this integration. You can connect your Standard Chartered Bank account and Zoho Books account for free.

  • Are my vendors/customers also required to have a Standard Chartered Bank account?

    No, they do not need to have an account with Standard Chartered Bank. They can receive and make payments through any bank.