Home is the first thing you’ll see when you log into your Zoho Billing account. The dashboard gives you a clear picture of your company’s finances, how much you have to receive and how much you have expended and more details.


Total Receivables


The Total Receivables section displays how much money your customers owe you. This section is divided into two parts:

Clicking these numbers will redirect you to the Aging Details report.

The Aging Details report, typically reports the total receivables that are currently due, as well as receivables that are past due.

Sales and Expenses

Income Expense Dashboard

The Sales and Expenses section displays the Total Sales, Total Receipts and Total Expenses of your organization.


Projects Dashboard

The Projects section displays the following information:

Clicking on any one of the projects listed here, will redirect you to the Project Details page in the Timesheet module.

Your Top Expenses

Your Top Expenses

This section displays your top expenses across different categories in the form of a pie chart. This pie chart is auto-generated, based on the Expense by Category report of your organization.

Sales, Receipts, and Dues

This section displays your organization’s sales, receipts, and dues for different time periods.

Sales, Receipts, and Dues

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