Customer Details

As soon as you save a customer or when you select a customer, you’ll be able to see the customer details page. Customer Details displays an overview of the customer with options for more actions. From a customer details’ page, you’ll be able to edit a customer, create transactions for a customer, view recent activities, add additional addresses, add comments for internal use, view customer’s account statement and many more. Let’s look into all that you can do from the Customer details page.

Customer Details - Overview

Creating Transactions

You can create transactions such as Estimate, Invoice, Retainer Invoice, Credit Note, Expense, Recurring Expense etc. directly from the Customer details page.

To create transactions for a customer:

The page will redirect you to the creation page of the respective module and you can create the transaction.

Adding Attachments to Customers

While doing business with your customer, you might have important documents that you want to attach with a customer.

To attach a document:

Insight: You can attach a maximum of 10 files with 5 MB each to a customer.

Recent Activities

Recent Activities refers to a timeline of events that has happened in Zoho Billing with respect to your customer. You can view the recent activities related to a customers in the customer details page.

Customer Details - Recent Activities

Adding Comments

Now and then, you would want to make a specific note to a customer for future reference. You can do that by adding them as comments to the customer. The comments that you add to a customer can be seen only by you. Let’s consider a scenario to understand this better:

Scenario: One of your customers requests for a special discount as he’s a regular customer and you give him a discount of 5% in all the future invoices. You can add it as a comment in his contact details which will help you to refer in the future. Similarly, if you want to add a comment in any scenario, you can add the comment in this section.

To add a comment:

Viewing Sales Transactions

All the sales transactions that you create for a customer will be displayed under the Sales tab of a customer. This helps you to view any transaction that you have created for a specific customer instantly. Also, you will be able to go to the specific transaction directly from the listed transactions and view them in their respective modules. Transactions that are displayed under the Sales tab are from the following modules:

To view Sales transactions:

There are other quick actions that you can do directly from this tab. They are:

Viewing Emails

A description of every email that you send to a customer from Zoho Billing is listed under the Mails tab of a customer. Also, you can see what type of email was sent to the customer. If you’ve configured Snail Mails for your organization and if you’ve sent snail mails to a customer, you can view a description of them under this tab. Also, you’ll be able to connect your Gmail or Outlook or other work account to a particular customer. A description of emails that you would send to this customer from the connected email account will be displayed under this tab.

To view emails:

Snail Mails tab

If you want to connect your Gmail or Outlook or other Work account, click the Connect your mail account dropdown from the top-right corner and select the respective options. Learn more about Email Integration.

Customer Details - Connect Mail Account

Viewing Customer Statements

Customer statement is a summary of all the transactions and payments that took place between the customer and you for a specific period. It gives you an account of the Balance Due amount. This helps you and your customer to keep track of your account and how much they owe you. You can send the statement to your customer if they have more than one transaction with pending payments by filtering the statement based on a specific date range.

To view the customer statement:

You can directly print the statement or download the statement as PDF or email it to your customer from this tab.

You can customize the Customer Statement template layout according to your desire. This allows you to restrict certain fields or values from being displayed in the statement and other customizations.

To customize:

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