The Customers module in Zoho Billing is where you store all the details of your customers.

Understanding Customers

As a business or a freelancer, you’ll have customers buying goods (products) or services from you. As customers are very important to any business, it is expedient to save their contact information. It will help you to create transactions quickly and do business in an efficient manner. In Zoho Billing, you can save the details of your customers such as name, email address, phone numbers, website information, billing and shipping addresses etc. in the Customers module. Apart from saving your customer’s information, there’s much more that you can do, such as, creating sales transactions for the customer, configuring customer portal, sending emails and viewing customer statements. In this page, we’ll learn more about how to make the most of the Customers module.

Insight: In this help guide, transactions refer to estimates, invoices, recurring invoices, credit notes etc. which you’ll be creating for a customer.

Adding Customers

Adding your business contacts to Zoho Billing helps you to create transactions quickly and conduct business in an efficient manner. There are two ways of adding customers in Zoho Billing. You can either create new customers or import customers from another system.

Creating a New Customer

To create a new customer:

Insight: The Customer Display Name you select will be displayed in all the transactions that you create for this customer. All email correspondence will be sent to the email address you enter in Customer Email.

Customer Creation - Top

In the section below, you can add the Other Details of the customer.

Insight: You can add additional currencies in the Currencies Preferences and you can associate them to a customer. Learn more about adding multiple currencies.

Pro Tip: If you have an overseas customer to whom you wish to invoice in foreign currency, you can select the customer’s currency from the dropdown. All the transactions created for the customer will be in their currency.

Insight: Payment Terms refers to the time period within which the payment for the invoice must be made. You can configure your own payment term by clicking the Configure Terms button.

Insight: Customer Portal is a unique online platform to connect with your customer. Learn more about Customer Portal.

Insight: If you want to add additional addresses, you can add them (upto 25) in the customer Overview page after you save the customer. Once you add multiple addresses, you’ll be able to manually select one of the addresses when you create a transaction.

Insight: If your customer is a large organization, it is possible that there are many contact persons from different departments in the organization who are in touch with you. You will be able to add their details to a customer as additional contact persons. A contact person is someone who is associated with the primary contact and can be reached out to for business related queries.

Insight: Custom Fields are additional fields that you add to a customer to add more information regarding your them. Before you can add information here, you must create a custom field in the Preferences. Learn more about Custom Fields.

Now, you have successfully created a customer in Zoho Billing.

Importing Customers

Instead of creating customers newly in Zoho Billing, you can directly import your customer from another system. You can import them from:

Import from Any Other System

You can import customers and contact persons from any other system. The import file must be in CSV or TSV format.

To import customers or contact persons:

Insight: File Delimiter refers to the character that is used to separate the values in the import file.

Now, the customers in the import file will be added to the Customers module of Zoho Billing.

Import from Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is an online Customer Relationship Management software to manage your customer relations in an efficient manner. If you have an account in Zoho CRM, you can import your customer information from Zoho CRM into Zoho Billing.

Before you can import contacts from Zoho CRM, make sure that you’ve enabled Zoho Billing - Zoho CRM integration. Once you complete the integration, you will be able to configure the synchronization and fetch your Zoho CRM contacts into Zoho Billing. Learn more.

Import from G Suite

G Suite is Google’s suite of online apps to connect people in your company. If you have your customer information in G Suite, you can import them into Zoho Billing easily.

Firstly, you need to set up the Zoho Billing - G Suite Integration. After you’ve integrated G Suite with Zoho Billing, you can import your Google contacts into Zoho Billing. Learn more about importing contacts from G Suite.

Editing a Customer’s Details

Occasionally, you would want to edit a customer to add some missing information or to edit an incorrect information. You can do that easily in Zoho Billing.

To edit a customer:

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