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CRM Integrations


Our powerful Integration feature does not stop with sales and shipping channels, it extends upto having tight synchronization with CRM platform - in our case Zoho CRM.

If you are an existing user of Zoho CRM, you can easily integrate, and synchronize them with Zoho Inventory and auto import contacts(aka. contact persons), accounts(aka. customer contacts), vendors and products(aka. items).



Why integrate with Zoho CRM?

  1. Zoho CRM is an On-demand Customer Relationship Management(CRM) software for managing your customer relations and streamlining your organization-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management functions.
  2. Zoho CRM is well integrated with many Zoho Apps and third party apps. Hence integrating your Zoho Inventory organization with your Zoho CRM account indirectly opens up more avenues of expansion for you.
  3. When a sale is made in an integrated online marketplace, a sales order and the new customer who made that purchase are automatically generated inside Zoho Inventory. Using the integration between Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM, these customers are also added to your Zoho CRM database automatically.
  4. For Existing Zoho CRM Users: Your existing customer base, network of suppliers and the bulk of your products in Zoho CRM can easily be brought into Zoho inventory. This will save you the time and effort required to manually add each and every record individually.

The way it works

The integrated modules automatically sync once every 2 hours. You can also perform a manual sync to immediately get your data.

Zoho Inventory <-> Zoho CRM Integration Flow Diagram

Integration flow

Setting up an integration with Zoho CRM

You can sync your Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM using the following method:

Phase 1 - Preparing your Zoho CRM account

Creating views for CRM modules

While integrating Zoho CRM and Zoho Inventory, you can also choose to sync only a specific view for the integrated modules(namely Accounts, Contacts, Vendors or Products). This helps you tune up the integration to only sync certain views and records between Zoho Inventory and Zoho CRM.

To learn how to create custom views in Zoho CRM, click here.

Assigning a primary contact for your Accounts

In Zoho Inventory for every contact(customer/vendor), you can have up to 20 contact persons under it. But there will always be one who is designated as the primary contact.

In this section, we are going to learn how to designate a primary contact for your Accounts in Zoho CRM, so that when you integrate them with Zoho Inventory, the primary contact information also gets automatically reflected here.

Phase 2 - Preparing your Zoho Inventory organization

Adding the required custom fields to appropriate modules

To add custom fields to Contacts module of Zoho Inventory.

Note: Required custom fields can also be added in Zoho Inventory and mapped to Zoho CRM(by editing the integrated modules) at a later point of time after the integration.

Phase 3 - Establishing the Integration

CRM integration page

CRM configuration page

CRM pop-up

CRM auth page

Phase 4 - Configuring the integrated modules

CRM activated page

Accounts & Contacts

configuring accounts - top

configuring accounts - mid

configuring accounts - bottom


configuring vendors - top

configuring vendors - bottom


configuring products - top

configuring products - bottom

Enabling Zoho Inventory modules within Zoho CRM

1) Enabling the transaction modules

Once the configuration is done and the integration is established, the Sync Transaction Modules section shows up. Enabling this will allow you to access the listed transaction modules of Zoho Inventory within Zoho CRM.

Before enabling the transaction modules

Image before enabling inventory modules in crm

After enabling the transaction modules

Image after enabling inventory modules in crm

Note: If you have an existing integration with Zoho Books and if you have already enabled the transaction modules via Zoho Books, then the transaction modules of Zoho Inventory will also be automatically enabled. The modules that pertain specifically to Zoho Inventory such as Products, Stock Updates, Packages and Shipments alone will have to be manually enabled, if needed.

Image after enabling Zoho Books modules in crm

2) Accessing Inventory modules within Zoho CRM

Navigate to your integrated Zoho CRM account and follow the steps below to start using the inventory modules:

Zoho Inventory tab in CRM


Creating a new invoice:

To create a new invoice in Zoho CRM, follow the steps below:

Invoice tab in Zoho CRM

Sales Orders

Creating a new Sales Order:

To create a new invoice in Zoho CRM, follow the steps below:

Note: As of now, you will not be able to create a package or shipment directly from Zoho CRM. However, you will be able to sync and view the packages and shipment details that that are created in Zoho Inventory.

Package details in SO

Purchase Orders

Creating a new Purchase Order:

To create a new purchase order in Zoho CRM, follow the steps below:

Important note: In case you have multiple warehouses in Zoho Inventory, while creating a transaction within Zoho CRM, the stock update will by default happen in the primary warehouse.

Stock Updates

You can view the real time stock availability of each of the product in Zoho CRM. Here’s how:

Product inventory details in CRM

Managing CRM Integration

Now that you have a tight integration up and running, you can always control the way, your integration works. Let’s see how we can do this, shall we?

Accessing CRM Integration controls

CRM page

CRM details page

Let’s discuss these options in detail

Section 1 - Zoho CRM Credentials

Update Credentials
Disable Integration

Section 2 - Zoho CRM synced modules

These options are common for both contacts and vendors modules.

Pause Sync
Show Sync History

sync history

Instant Sync


Accessing Zoho Inventory based Sales Orders & Invoices for an Account in Zoho CRM

To gain access to Zoho Inventory Sales Orders and Invoices inside Zoho CRM, you require two things:

On fulfilling the above said requirements, you will be able to access sales orders and invoices in Zoho Inventory for all the integrated accounts in Zoho CRM.

To access the orders and invoices associated to an integrated CRM account:

Manage orders and leads effectively with Zoho Inventory's Zoho CRM integration