Zoho Inventory

Importing & Exporting purchase modules

Purchase Orders

Importing Purchase Order

Data import can be carried out for each entity in Zoho Inventory including Purchase Orders. To import purchase orders into Zoho Inventory:

Learn in detail the steps to import a file in Zoho Inventory.

Note: You can enable auto generation of Purchase Order Number for the file you’re about to upload.

Linking Bills to Purchase Orders

You can link your bills to its corresponding purchase orders in bulk while importing them. To do so,

Link Bills to Purchase Orders 1

Link Bills to Purchase Orders 2

Note: The purchase orders that are in the Draft status will be moved to Issued status automatically when you link bills to them.

Exporting Purchase Orders

To export the purchase orders in your organization:

screen shot of menu icon drop down

Learn in detail the steps to export data from Zoho Inventory.

Note: The file will be downloaded and stored in your default download folder.

Likewise, you can import and export bills in Zoho Inventory.