Zoho Inventory

Manage Organizations

When you sign up for Zoho Inventory, you’ll also be creating your first organization in the process. This will be your primary organization. You can further create more organizations and manage them simultaneously.

Create New Organization

You can create multiple organizations with the same email address you have provided during the signup process to manage each business separately. Every organization you create is independent of other organizations and contains its own set of warehouses, items and transactions. You cannot link organizations to each other.

To create a new organization:

Create new organization Create new org step 2 Create new org step 3 Create new org step 4

Insight: When cloning an organization, only the settings and organization type will be cloned. Other details like transactions and items will not be imported to the new organization.

Insight: When you create a new organization, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial. When the trial is over, you have to purchase a subscription plan to continue using it.

Edit Organization Details

You can change the details of your organization in Zoho Inventory. Here’s how:

Edit org profile

Change Default Organization

When you log in to Zoho Inventory, the default organization will open up if you have multiple organizations. You can choose the organization you would want to view when you first log in. Here’s how:

Mark default org

Switch Organizations

If you have multiple organizations in your Zoho Inventory account, you can switch between each of them. There are two ways to do this:

Method 1:
switching org

Insight: The green tick beside the organization name indicates that you are currently viewing the particular organization.

Method 2:
switching org method 2

Delete Organization

Few things you should consider before deleting a paid organization:

To delete an organization in Zoho Inventory:

Delete org option