TDS Liabilities

TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) is the tax deducted from an individual’s income at the time of salary payment. In India, TDS is governed by the Income Tax Act and is administered by the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

TDS liabilities are calculated based on the salary and other income earned by an employee during a particular period and the applicable TDS rate as per the Income Tax Act. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their employees’ TDS liabilities are paid on time to avoid any penalties.

You can view the TDS liabilities of all your employees in Zoho Payroll. In Zoho Payroll, TDS liabilities are generated after you approve the pay run. This includes the amount of TDS that needs to be paid by the employee, the TDS rate applicable, and the due date for payment of TDS.

Once you view the TDS liability details, you can view the TDS breakdown for all employees for whom you’ve approved the pay run and record the challan in Zoho Payroll for these Liabilities.

TDS Liabilities

Enabling TDS Liabilities

Pre-Requisite: You need to enable the feature first to view the TDS Liabilities, Challans, and Form 24Q modules.

TDS Liabilities TDS Liabilities

View TDS Liabilities

Pre-Requisite: You will only be able to view the TDS liabilities if you have submitted and approved your pay run.

To view the TDS liabilities in Zoho Payroll:

TDS Liabilties

You can to view the Total TDS, Period, Amount Due, and Due Date. You can switch to the Employees tab to view the Taxable Amount, Total TDS, TDS Paid, associated challans, and the payment status.

Note: The TDS liabilities of prior payroll will not be processed in Zoho Payroll.

Record Challan

If you’ve paid the TDS to the authorities for this liability, you can record the details in Zoho Payroll. To do this:

TDS Liabilities TDS Liability

Note: The auto-allocate feature will be available only if the payment amount exceeds the liability amount.

Insight: You can associate unused challans by clicking the ‘Associate’ button. These are challans that have amounts that have not been fully associated.

TDS Liability

To associate the payment amount to the employees manually:

TDS Liability

If you have any pending TDS liability that is yet to be associated to the employee, you can associate it later.