Salary Withhold

There may be instances where you need to withhold your employee’s salary and disburse it in the following month or later. Zoho Payroll supports withholding of employees’ pay for a certain period using the Salary Withhold option in the Pay Runs module. 

When can your employee’s salary be withheld?

Salary withhold can be applied when you have:

In this section:

Withholding Salary

Here’s how you can withhold and release an employee’s salary in Zoho Payroll:

Withhold Salary

The withheld salary can be released in the subsequent pay runs.

Note: All the statutory components such as EPF, ESI, etc., will be calculated and deducted from the employee’s salary. Only the Net Pay will be withheld when you apply salary withhold.

Releasing Withheld Salary

Let’s say you want to release the withheld salary along with the following month’s salary. Here’s how you can do it:

Release Withheld Salary Withheld Salary Details

The withheld net pay will be released and added to the current month’s net pay.

Note: You cannot release a previously withheld salary if the current month’s salary is put on hold.

Reverting Salary Withhold

If you want to process a withheld salary in the same pay run, you will have to revert the salary withheld. Here’s how:

Revert Salary Withhold

The employee’s salary will be processed in the current month’s pay run.