Review and approve the Reimbursement Claims, Proof of Investments and Salary Revisions of your employees in this module.


The reimbursement claims that your employees have submitted through the employee portal will appear here. Click here to learn how to configure reimbursement claim related settings. You can review each claim and approve or reject them by following these steps:

Note: The employee portal does not support bill submission. Collect the bills directly from your employee.


Also, you can create a reimbursement claim for employees by following these steps

Proof of Investments

Your employee can submit proofs for the investments that they’ve disclosed in their IT Declaration. Click here to learn how to configure POI related settings. You can review the submitted POI by following these steps.


Salary Revisions

The salary revisions you’ve made in the Employees module will show up in the Approvals module under Salary Revisions. To revise an employee’s salary, you should have completed at least one pay run for them. All salary revision changes go through an approval process to ensure error-free payroll and tax calculation for employees.

To approve salary revisions:


To approve or reject your employees’ salaries in bulk:

The salary revisions with errors will be skipped and will appear in the Salary Revisions page. You can review these errors later and approve them again.

Bulk Revision

Similarly, to postpone the payout month of multiple salary revisions: