Siapa yang sebaiknya menggunakan Zoho Analytics?

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      Small and medium businesses

      • Spreadsheet users
        Small and medium businessesPelajari Selengkapnya

        If you are using spreadsheets in place of a BI and analytics tool, it's time to make the switch! Go beyond spreadsheets and carry out in-depth analytics using Zoho Analytics.

      • Custom App/DB users
        Small and medium businessesPelajari Selengkapnya

        If you are a small business using your own custom built application with limited reporting capabilities, Zoho Analytics will help overcome bottlenecks and run powerful analytics.

      • Data Analysts
        Small and medium businessesPelajari Selengkapnya

        If you are a data analyst/data visualization specialist, Zoho Analytics will enable you to discover hidden insights in your data, make informed decisions and drive your business' success.


      • Penjualan
        DepartmentsPelajari Selengkapnya

        Sales analytics lets you unify sales data, forecast sales, achieve record targets and make your business profitable. Zoho Analytics helps you get a complete picture of your sales activity, identify inefficiencies and unlock opportunities. Arrive at right sales decisions faster and with confidence.

      • Pemasaran
        DepartmentsPelajari Selengkapnya

        Marketing needs analytics to extract actionable insights, evaluate the success of marketing initiatives, optimize ROI and make data-driven decisions. Analisis data dari Google Analytics, Google Ads, MailChimp, atau aplikasi pemasaran apa saja. Lihat dengan cepat tren di lalu lintas situs web, CTR, CPC, rasio buka, rasio konversi, dan lainnya.

      • Keuangan
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        Financial analytics helps you understand past performances, analyze expenses, predict revenue and profit. Zoho Analytics lets you fetch data from Zoho Books, Xero, Quickbooks and stripe etc. Create insightful visualizations, detect outliers and react to changes quickly.

      • Manajemen Proyek
        DepartmentsPelajari Selengkapnya

        Ingin tahu proyek mana yang mencapai target dan membuahkan hasil yang diperlukan? Zoho Analytics lets you view the entire team’s progress. Anda dapat dengan mudah membuat laporan seperti status proyek, bagan burn down, jam yang digunakan, laporan terencana vs laporan aktual. Bantu seluruh tim Anda membaca situasi dan mewujudkan pengetahuan tersebut dalam tindakan – dengan sangat cepat.

      • Pusat Bantuan
        DepartmentsPelajari Selengkapnya

        Understand the root causes of bottlenecks and improve steadily with every ticket. Zoho Analytics lets you analyze and understand your support team's performance. Derive insights and back your decisions with the right figures in hand. Improve your customer support and increase customer satisfaction.

      • Sumber Daya Manusia
        DepartmentsPelajari Selengkapnya

        Recruitment analytics helps you get an overview of the status of your jobs, interviews scheduled and candidates. Zoho Analytics helps you carry out in-depth analytics. Build reports and dashboards to measure how your hiring team is performing and optimize your recruitment process.


      • If you are an Independent Software Vendor, Zoho Analytics will enable you to implement and offer a fully built BI solution to your customers. Integrasikan versi white label dengan lancar di dalam aplikasi Anda menggunakan penyematan kontekstual dan opsi Masuk Tunggal (Single Sign-On/SSO).

      • Pengembang
        PartnersPelajari Selengkapnya

        If you are a developer, Zoho Analytics' API offers wide range of functions to help you build powerful BI capabilities according to your business needs. You can also build connectors to analyze data from third-party business apps.

      • BI Consultant
        PartnersPelajari Selengkapnya

        If you are a BI consultant and want to create customized BI solutions for your clients, try Zoho Analytics. It closely integrates and complements your software, which will enable you to get data from various sources and create great visualizations.

      • System Integrators
        PartnersPelajari Selengkapnya

        If you have expertise in programming and data analysis, Zoho Analytics' APIs will enable you to to create custom BI solutions for your clients. Connect with your client's applications/databases and provide tailor made analytical solutions.

      • Resellers/VARs
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        If you are a reseller/value added reseller, you can customize Zoho Analytics and resell it to your customers. Additionally, you can also provide your clients with value-added services like post-sales support.