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Why Choose Zoho Analytics for Small & Medium Business?


Insights as a differentiator

Today, data touches every aspect of business and is available in abundance. By making data analytics as priority and investing in Zoho Analytics, you can create and sustain your competitive edge through deeper insights-driven decision-making.


Data Democratization

Zoho Analytics' self-service BI & Analytics capabilities are augmented with latest AI and ML technologies such as search-driven conversational analytics, automated insights, predictive and cognitive analytics to ensure that analytics is accessible by all.


Unified Business Analytics

Zoho Analytics' built-in business apps connectors provides powerful cross-functional analytics that offers a 360-degree view into your business. Enabled by automatic blending of business apps along with combining data from other discrete sources too.



Zoho Analytics' licensing and pay-as-you-go pricing have always been simple and transparent. Our cost of BI and Analytics in terms of licensing, implementations and customisations, training and support, is the least among our market peers.

SMB Data Analytics using Zoho Analytics

  • Data Integration

    Zoho Analytics offers 250+ native and live data connectors including Files and Feeds, Cloud Storage, Cloud and Local Databases and Business Applications. Data synchronization happens automatically and can be scheduled at convenience.

  • Data Preparation

    Our advanced, self-service data preparation & management capability enables you to model, cleanse, transform, enrich and catalog data with exceptional quality for further analytics. Data preparation is extensible to data collected from any type of source.

  • Data Visualisation

    Create insightful & interactive reports and dashboards with an easy-to-use and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, choosing from a wide range of visualization options.

  • Augmented Analytics

    Get instant insights using Ask Zia, Zoho's conversational AI assistant. Also Zia Insights offers automated contextual insights through narratives. ML based advanced analytics for prediction, cognitive analytics, and scenario analysis augments the capabilities further.

  • Collaborative Analytics

    With clearly defined roles and access control, users can easily collaborate with fine-grained access controls. Publish or embed reports in business workflows, or setup automated email schedules to deliver reports. Communicate with users through comment threads and facilitate discussion.

  • Data Storytelling

    Create immersive presentations with Zoho Show by embedding live, interactive reports and dashboards. Set up purpose-built analytics portal or micro-sites for easy consumption and exploration by business users.

  • Mobile BI

    Access business critical insights easily on-the-move with our immersive, interactive and powerful mobile Business Intelligence(BI) apps, native to both android and iOS platforms.

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Data preparation in smb analytics - Zoho Analytics
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AI assisted analytics for small & medium business - Zoho Analytics
Easy collaboration using SMB analytics tool - Zoho Analytics
Mobile BI & analytics for small & medium business - Zoho Analytics
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How Zoho Analytics helps your business?


Get deeper insights into your sales pipeline. Quickly spot trends on vital sales parameters like sales growth and average conversion time. Identify opportunities to drive higher sales volume.

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Gain end-to-end marketing insights, notably critical indicators of your marketing funnel such as Marketing Qualified Leads(MQL), customer awareness, retention and much more.

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Combine cross-functional data to analyze your business' financial health and performance in real-time. Get notified of any anomalies, notably with cash flow, payables and Receivables through periodic alerts.

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Help Desk

Slice and dice your customer support data. Track key metrics such as SLA compliance, agent utilisation, customer satisfaction and much more in real-time.

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Gather end-to-end insights about your workforce. Track your employee hiring, retention and attrition patterns. Measure employee productivity and performance with ease.

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Monitor the progress of your project implementations. Track milestone achievements, variance from planned budget and work-hours. Do effective ROI analysis post-completion and much more.

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BARC finds that Zoho Analytics has the fastest implementation time among top BI vendors in its latest survey

Zoho Analytics scored an impressive 12 top rankings and 28 leading positions in BARC's BI & Analytics Survey 21, which rated the top BI vendors in the market

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Zoho Analytics rated Overall Leader in vendor credibility and customer experience by Dresner Advisory Services

Dresner Advisory's Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study also finds that Zoho Analytics has a perfect recommendation score


What customers say

Zoho Analytics was our first choice because of the compatibility and integration it offered with our systems, since most of them were Zoho. Other products were either too expensive or too complex, and didn’t integrate well with our systems. Zoho Analytics had everything that we needed.

Zoho Analytics' ability to integrate and blend data from multiple sources and create deep valuable insights out of it is the key. Once you sync the data and build reports there is no necessity to go back and refeed the data into it. It does it automatically.

The ability to blend data, filter, and build so many KPIs with ease is a key aspect in Zoho Analytics. Its interactive charts are awesome. I can now select or unselect certain parameters to slice and dice the data for each line of my business, and show its performance to our partners.

Zoho Analytics has allowed easy access to reporting and metrics across the organization. With this solution, even non-technical resources were able to quickly develop and publish reports. This has freed us from relying on one of our technical consultants and kept them available for customer-facing billable time.

Zoho Analytics is the only product with the right mix of cost and value—with features like data visualization, integration, data blending, collaboration, user filters, drag and drop, geomaps, and much more at an affordable price.

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