Get your form across with efficient sharing

Reach out to a larger audience by sharing your forms on public platforms, like websites, blog posts, and social media. Spread the word of all your surveys, registration forms, product sales, charity event invites, and more, with the help of our public sharing options.

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Turn social media into your handiest tool

With social media platforms becoming major hubs of activity and information sharing, sharing your forms on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can help build your business's presence online.

Effective sharing with shortened URLs


Create shortened URLs for forms and share these compact links that are much easier to use. Shortened links are especially helpful when sharing forms in social media posts and other places with character limits.

Keep track of the traffic

Know where most of your traffic comes from by tracking referrals. Add a tracking parameter at the end of your form permalink before sharing or embedding it. That way, you can take note of which marketing campaigns are most successful.

Disable public URLS with the click of a button

Restrict access to publicly shared and embedded forms with the help of a simple toggle button. Now, you can avoid the hassle of removing links and shares individually.