Extensions are pre-built software components designed to enhance Zoho Expense by adding customized features or integrating it with third-party services. These extensions provide powerful functionalities without the need for complex manual customizations.

Developers and Extensions

As a developer, you have the opportunity to create extensions that seamlessly combine Zoho Expense’s core features with third-party services, simplifying and improving the experience for Zoho Expense users. Even if you’re not a Zoho user yourself, Zoho Marketplace offers a straightforward platform for designing and selling extensions.

Once your extension is listed on Zoho Marketplace, it becomes available for all Zoho Expense customers to install and use. When users install your extension, all the necessary components are automatically integrated, streamlining the process for them.

This makes it convenient for Zoho Expense users to enhance their experience with additional functionalities, and for developers to share their solutions with a broader audience.