Remote-Support und Remotezugriff-Integrationen

Wir wissen, dass Sie mehr als nur ein Tool für Ihre geschäftlichen Anforderungen benötigen, deshalb haben wir Zoho Assist mit erstklassigen Servicedesks, Helpdesks und CRM-Lösungen ausgerüstet. Wir wissen auch, dass jeder unterschiedliche Lösungen verwendet. Das ist der Grund, warum wir die Integration von Remote-Support und Remotezugriff-Funktionalität in Ihren geschäftlichen Workflow mit Zoho Assist-API aktiviert haben.

  • Import your Google Contacts with a single click on your Zoho Assist account and be prepared for a remote support session with your customer at any time.

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  • Access your users' computers from anywhere with the Spiceworks Remote Support Tool for Windows and Mac Workstations.

  • Start a support session in your Zendesk tickets. Solve problems faster by viewing your customer's screen in real time.

  • Get things done instantly - instantly connect to your client's computer remotely with a single click in the help desk ticket.

  • Launch a remote support session directly from the live chat console, giving your customers instant support.

  • API integration

    Zoho Assist seamlessly connect with your existing tools and workflows. Develop custom applications or embed remote support capabilities into your ITSM, your service desk, help desk, and your CRM solutions. You can easily integrate remote support, unattended access, and screen sharing functionality into the platforms. This can reduce the solution time and improve customer satisfaction. 

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  • Mobile SDK for iOS and Android

    Provide live support for iOS or Android apps with our Mobile SDK. By embedding Zoho Assist functionality into your mobile app, you can start sessions with remote support or unattended access with a single mouse click. Make an inquiry and we'll do it for you. If necessary, we meet all requirements and make additional adjustments. 

    Now integrate the SDK into your own app or device!