Interact with your site visitors better.

Stay in touch with your on-site customers and offer help right when they need it with Zoho Assist.

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Zoho SalesIQ with Zoho Assist. Leveraging live chat capabilities.

What's a better way to offer your visitors help than through a quick chat on your website? It's through screen sharing. Address your visitor's needs by initiating a screen sharing session right from your live chat console. Connect to remote computers, view their screens and control them from the comfort of your desk.


Click-to-share screen with Visitors.

Your customer isn't sure of how to purchase a product from your online website? Walk them through your website by simply starting a screen sharing session from your chat console. Or why not share your screen and give the customer a quick demo of how your online tool works sitting right at your place.

Make your customers happy.

Having an elderly visitor who has no clue on how to navigate through your website? This is when remote support comes to your rescue. Remotely take charge of their computer so you can show them how to do something, or you can do it for them while they watch. And the best part is that they can request you for a support session right from their chat console.


Why choose Zoho Assist integration with Zoho SalesIQ


Work across devices.

With Zoho Assist and Zoho SalesIQ, you can easily access remote computers, servers and iOS/Android mobile devices and support your customers from the cloud.


Proxy and Firewall Support.

Zoho Assist works well with all major proxies and firewalls. It offers advanced troubleshooting features that help you improve the overall satisfaction rate.