• Integration

    Integrate Zoho Assist with your software RMM, MSP, MDM, or any other SAAS solutions to provide your users remote access capabilities right from your software.

  • White Labelling

    Rebrand Zoho Assist to provide remote support, and to allow IT administrators to access unattended devices under your brand name.

  • Bundling

    Add value to your help desk, MDM, RMM, UEM, or live chat software by making use of Zoho Assist's bundling opportunities.

How to make the best use of Zoho Assist white label:

  • Access IOTs remotely, and manage them with ease.
  • Integrate Zoho Assist into your software applications. 
  • Get Zoho Assist's remote support technology into your RMM and MSP solutions.
  • Provide remote support and view remote mobile screens from your MDM software.
  • Use Zoho Assist with SSO(single sign-on), you can use Zoho Assist from your SAAS solution without multiple authentications.
  • Integrate remote support capabilities into your Kiosks, Android/iOS Apps, OEM devices, ITSM or CRM solutions.

Trusted brands

  • Mobile Device Manager plus
  • Service Desk plus
  • Service Desk plus MSP
  • Support Center plus

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