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Generating a PhoneBridge Token

For your PBX system to connect to your Zoho CRM account, you need to specify the PhoneBridge Token in your Zoho PhoneBridge adapter file. This token is used to identify the Zoho PhoneBridge Group users for a particular PBX system in your account.


  • You need a separate PhoneBridge Token for every Zoho PhoneBridge Group.
  • The PhoneBridge Token will be visible only by the Group Identification User of a particular Zoho PhoneBridge Group. The Group Identification User can be any user within your CRM account with Zoho PhoneBridge enabled.
  • Zoho CRM recognizes your Zoho CRM Account and the Zoho PhoneBridge Group with the Group Identification User.

To generate an Auth Key

  1. Go to Setup > Developer Space > APIs > PhoneBridge Token.
  2. The token will already be generated. Your PBX Administrator needs to update the Auth Key in the PBX Adapter file.

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